Live – 2500 lawyers, activists march for freedom, repeal of Sedition Act


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Ambiga Sreenevasan discussed how the sedition law have been widely abuse to put down the opposition, academic, lawyer and people who generally oppose the current adminstation, in this ABC interview:


Gerakan Wanita chief Tan Lian Hoe says she supports preventive laws to keep country stable. Is she trying to steal the ‘limelight’ from Nancy Syioki?

Xiao B

Tan lian hoe should just keep quiet.

seng tak

The other Tan of Gerakan is now in Pendatang Controversy.


I cannot understand the argument by those ex-IGPs that a draconian sedition law is needed…

This argument is absolute rubbish. The only reason why you still want it is to curb and suppress any right to free speech in relation to the government and it cronies.


The Penang Government does NOT have the right to allow a person to speak freely and shield them from criminal prosecution. Hence, those who misuse the freedom at the Speaker’s Square to defame or instigate others will face the full brunt of the law The use of the Speakers’ Square is subject to the following conditions: 1. All speakers are prohibited from using loudspeakers, megaphone and any other public address system. 2. Anyone who uses the Speakers’ Square to make speeches does so at his or her own risk. 3. The State Government and the Municipal Council of Penang Island… Read more »

Aidil Yunus

Lawyers protest in KL over use of Sedition Act in Malaysia, videos by Straits Times Singapore:


I can only express my disappointment for not being able to be amongst them because of my mobility but nevertheless my sprit will always be with them all.


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