Letter from Marina Lee to Malaysia Today readers


In case you missed it, check out this letter from Marina Lee.

Dear Readers,

I just like to thank the hundreds of support given to me and my family on the arrest under the decornian ISA law of Raja Petra Kamarudin or better known to you as RPK. Me and my children are fine and I assure you that I will never give up and do whatever I can to get my dear dear husband released on this draconion law that they have arrested him. I know that I have a huge family and support out there that I see and feel has given me the strength to be tuff and strong.

Yesterday our lawyer have sent a fax to Bukit Aman requesting visiting rights for me and my children and legal representation for him.

I was at the candle light vigil at Bukit Aman last night and I could not hold back my tears seeing so many people there inspite the large number of police and riote squard there.

I really believe that something good will come out of this (the arrest of my dear husband) as they say light at the end of the tunnel. … Full letter

Marina concludes her letter like this:

p.s. What I cannot understand is they arrest RPK under ISA for insulting Islam but Islam forbids anyone for being incarcerated without being able to defend once self . So please someone explain the rationale in this cause I cannot and they say that his writing on the website about leaders has made the rakyat confused, are you readers confused please tell me?

Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) coordinator Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh tells us here why the ISA is against Islam.

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Grim Reaper

The only people who are confused are the incumbent government. They are confused on what to do to retain power…..


The whole nations will pray for you, dear Marina & your family. Every one loves and has a great respect for him. A rare gem indeed. Every one is very angry with the Goverment. RPK is our Malaysian hero who risks his life and the family for the justice of Malaysia. Remember, evil happens only when good men do nothing.

Daisy G

Hello Marina, I have long been reading my hero RPK’s articles and am so elated to have a ‘Hope’ so brave to stand up for all the atocities this beloved country is going through by some GREEDY AND POWER LORDS.

Please tell him to be strong and that he is our HERO in my own family and friends. To tell you the truth HE IS OUR HOPE FOR MY CHILDREN AND GENERATIONS TO COME..!!!


Azizah & Lennon Ibrahim Yip Bin Abdullah

Dearest Marina,

Me and my husband are not confused at all. They who put our RPK into trouble are the confused creatures.


We shall overcome and the winds are changing for the betterment of our nation. The statues of the so-called Great men and women will be broken to pieces. Malaysia is a blessed country and all of us must stand united for the future of this country. No point listening to lies and more lies. Release RPK and Teresa Kok. Everything this is BLOWN OUT OF CONTEXT.


There is Harmon in the house of Pharaon.
Act of desperation cowardice and sheer ignoramus. Papa & Baby Doc Duvalie`, French and US tyrants reign poverty and fear on the Rakyat of Haiti for 4 1/2 decades.
That’s until they flee seeking asylum with their ill-gotten wealth leaving the country in squalor divided and perpetually broken.
I fear the semblance and we ain’t short of the mindset.
Free RP!Free All! ISA detainees, you illiterate gluttonous coward.
Stick to your principle Zaid.


Hav not said a prayer for some time but 2night, i’ll say 1 4 RPK n T.Kok n all MALAYSIANS, regardless of race or religion(not 2 4get, the Hindraf guys). I dont know where this country is goin 2/headin 4. GOD BLESS N SAVE my children 4 I worry about their future- do they have 1 in this climate!


What can we do for you? most of the friends in sarawak lament with you for the injustice done to RPK..We pray that all ends well and i am sure that all will end well..yes mam..there deffinately be light at the end of the tunnel


Dear Marina
I m forever grateful to God for making u a strong lady, whenever i think of RPK n u i wanna cry. will keep on praying 4 u and ur family. God Bless RPK n u n family. Everynite i will read psalm 18.10 aloud. May all the righteous MPs rise up. The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they r save


Marina, it is because of women like you and Wan Azizah that we are fortunate enough to have men like Raja Petra and Anwar as our guardians.

It is your strength that makes them strong. And now you have to be even stronger. May God bless and protect you and your family in these trying times.


They say that “the darkest hour is before dawn” and I strongly believe we will be seeing a happy peaceful and progressive Malaysia dawning soon. My family prays for RPK (and Teresa and the rest of the ISA detainees) to be released soon….


Dear Marina & YM Pete,

It is in the darkest moments of our lives when the fervent hope in our hearts will flicker the brightest. Keep the faith that the almighty will answer our prayers when it matters the most.

The power of prayer; irrespective of us being Malaysian Muslims, Hindus, Christians and of other faiths; it will bear fruition when our hearts are ONE with the omnipotent entity on this earth. TRUTH.



Marina…, don’t worry. Justice will be served !

We the rakyat are not what the goverment think we were 1 year ago….!
Now we all know…!

We are all behind RPK…!

Eagle has landed

I am not confused, What was presented in MT is an eye opener, an awareness that the msm will never tell the rakyat. You will never get someone like RPK who has the courage and ready to sacrifice his freedom for the people of Malaysia. Marina, rest assured that RPK has contributed tremendously in bringing about the driving force for change. He has done no wrong and no mistake except to those arrogant people who are blinded by the power they have, people who refuse to face the truth and people who can’t accept to agree to disagree. Let us… Read more »

Li Huat Chai

Marina, just want you to know that we are with you. We love you and your husband, our hero. No, we are not confused but we are indeed very proud of RPK. We hope more RPKs will come out. God bless you, RPK and children! God will not forsake his righteous ones. Ameen!


Everyone knows this has nothing to do with Islam.

It’s all about
i. how to get UMNO to be accepted by the Malays again.
ii. how to protect their individual interests.
iii. Money, money & more money.

I expect PAS and PKR fight this and explain to the Malays just like how DSAI fought the Sodomy accusation in Permatang Pauh.


Dear Mr. Anil,
I read on MT that they are giving trouble to the advertisers of MT. Can we the supporters of MT give financial contributions to RPK and his cause? Can a special fund be set up for this purpose. As with so many others, we want to see that MT lives on. Please help us with this or at least let Marina know that we readers are ready to help where we can.
MT means so much to us. We will do what we can.


Dear Marina,
Our thoughts and prayers for you and all the unjust ISA detentions.Its a cruel action with illogical explanations. Such shallow excuses only come from brains bankrupt politicians.
God will be fair and God will punish those who abuse the name of God in their ill intentions.

We are with you all the way

HIstory Awakens

Just want to share this incredible documentary I have just watched, twice. This really put into perspective the true history of our nation, never before taught in our Sejarah text book. It’s really an eye opener! A must watch for every Malaysian!