Kumar says, ‘Charge me or I go on hunger strike’: Rani


Dr Jeyakumar has asked the authorities to “charge me or release me; otherwise I will go on a hunger strike while in detention”.

PSM Central Committee member Rani Rasiah at a press conference today

This was revealed by PSM Central Committee Rani Rasiah, also wife of Dr Jeyakumar, this afternoon. Rani had met Kumar at 11.00am yesterday.

Rani stated that the family don’t want Kumar to go through with the hunger strike out of concern for his health, but “knowing him, once he says something he will go through with it”.

Rani could not confirm whether the other detainees would follow suit.

Meanwhile, Sungai Siput PSM committee memberĀ  K Shanthi said that several other PSM branches indicated they too would join in the hunger strike in solidarity with Kumar. As at 3.00pm the Jelapang branch said they were waiting for representatives from other PSM branches, Sg Siput, Chemor, Bercham, Tanjong Malim and other areas to meet and determine their course of action. Rani described the party members’ desire to join in the hunger strike as a “Solidarity Hunger Strike”.

Party leaders are now at the gates of Bukit Aman to check on Kumar’s situation. The party has just tweeted that lawyers have so far been denied access to meet the detainees tomorrow.

Rani’s press release below:

Reporting and photos courtesy of a source.

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Ama Ganapathy

This is happening while the Indians have lost their Hindraf cause to flock back to MIC. Sigh!

Ahmad Sobri

Dr. Jeyakumar, Malaysians are with you in this ordeal of yours. We will pray for your good health and your fasting is a noble cause that will again bring Malaysia to the attention of the international arena, again, for the wrong reasons. Just what is this UMNOsaja Government doing? They do not seem to have directions in everything they do. They are so fractious! There seem to be a leadership crisis in UMNO and as usual Najib wants to be with 10,000 Malaysians in Kedah to watch the Malaysia vs Singapore football match! But, wait a minute, Mr. Anil, just… Read more »


I was wondering when it would come to this. That poor sod hasn’t got a choice because of the way Malaysian society works. A massive swelling of popular support might have avoided such a desperate measure, but then again he is simply not a bowl of bak kut teh, is he? Let’s look on the bright side: if a few more people kill themselves out of principle, there are plenty of people loitering around the opposing team’s goalposts waiting to tap the ball over the line and claim the glory. When is the next wildly popular article about food coming,… Read more »

najib manaukau

I am sorry to say that this won’t work with this deceitful, corrupted and ignorant Home Minister ! Can you, Anil, please tell us which varsity did he go to read his law degree I just want to be very sure that none of my descendants will have the misfortune to go to the same university. From his behavior it would appear that they haven’t taught him about the first thing in law on how to respect the human right. As such it would be a waste of time and money to do so. … … What a disgrace it… Read more »