Karpal Singh: Final farewell in photos


Some photos I took of the scene at Dewan Sri Pinang and then along the street. Incredible outpouring of sorrow; yet also a spontaneous celebration of his life.

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Bukit Gelugor Eric

Ananar, u can say what you like. The fact remains that BN is not welcomed in penang. Period. We rather vote an uneducated candidate from pakatan than a BN candidate with a degree from a degree mill.

Again, you don’t have to reply because whatever you reply is just utter nonsense. We penangites, don’t give a …


Gerakan organized the ‘anti-graft’ run at the same time when Penang most illustrious sons Karpal is having his funeral. It’s like they are trying to prevent Penangites from attending his funeral. If Gerakan is serious about corruption, they should run after the corrupt. They can start with their own leaders first.


Sometimes I felt that Penang langs are not as courageous as Ipoh langs. They had never kicked out Koh Tsu koon in 1995. Penangites allowed Tsu Koon, the bor hoot to be in power for 18 years. Ipoh langs aren’t that forgiving. We have given SP Seenivasagam the boot the moment PPP joined barisan.


KTK Gerakan was a good and courageous man. He is not a boh hood as many perceived. He work tireless not with fanfare like LGE with but with the partners of BN to work things out amicably not using threats. He has done so much more for Penangite. Its that Penangite have been taken in by the lies, deceit and emotion of DAP through racial and religious use. Take for example the hudud issue, DAP … lies to us that there is a consensus that there will be no hudud. … lies and ask us to vote PAS. We were… Read more »


Look at it this way, Koh Tsu Koon was a ‘pliable + Yes’ gentleman, not a formidable fighter like the Tiger Karpal. MadHatterrism had a hand in choosing & manoeuvring & propping continuously (after alleged 1995 election of Tanjung Bungah voters planting controversy) this ‘gentle’ figurehead as an easy but contriving means to further his kia su discriminative agenda. Penang langs’ courage for change of state leadership thro’ the ballots was thwarted by this Mad Hatter of Hate for Penang.

Don Anamalai

Watch this Karpal Singh’s video on the topics of Hudud, the Constitution and the Problem of Corruption


I still say the only fitting way to remember Karpal is to have his giant picture on the steps of Putra Perdana the day Pakatan takes over Putrajaya …


It will be a pipe dream


Without a dream, there is no hope.
Dare to dream as much as dare to fight for a good cause like Singh Tiger.


Pictures speak a million words, shed countless tears, change hardened hearts.

Phua Kai Lit

1. Great work, Mr Anil ! Really appreciate your photos.

2. Let’s not forget those who are still with us and who are leading the fight for a better and fairer Malaysia.
They have also sacrificed a lot for us e.g.

Anwar Ibrahim and his family
Lim Kit Siang and his family
The present leadership of Parti Sosialis Malaysia
All the non-violent political prisoners who were arrested and jailed under the ISA

Andrew I

For the ones we love, we celebrate their lives. For the ones we don’t, we celebrate their deaths. Mean…but true.


yes, Andrew, cakap banyak betul.

Hard to believe Karpal is no longer here. It must be very difficult for his family, esp, his beloved wife…

My friend said she is regretting she didnt shake Karpal’s hand and tell him he was a great man and how we appreciate him…


For the ones we love, we celebrate their lives. For the ones we don’t love , we also celebrate their lives. This is what we BN have ““compassion.““`


Did I read you right?
Then where are the polis to help in the traffic control which btw was managed by volunteers & super bikers on that Sunday.
Compassion comes from the genuine heart as well as from the genuine deeds.

Andrew I

Like you did?

What comes from the mouth, reaches the ears.
What comes from the heart, reaches the heart. – Arab proverb.


And from my compassion it reaches all

Andrew I

So you orchestrated the massive turnout, not DAP.


So now you are not denying that DAP orchestrated the turnout

Andrew I

Never said that. It’s you who is accusing DAP. Make up your mind. You or DAP?