Karpal Singh fined RM4000 for sedition


Karpal Singh will be disqualified as an MP if he fails in his appeal to reduce the fine to below the ouster threshold of RM2000. But there will be no by-election until his final appeal is exhausted.

One observer tweets that many in court are visibly angry, especially with Anwar’s presence reminding them what the courts are capable of.

“A RM4000 fine would mean disqualification of Karpal as MP if he fails in his appeal to reduce the fine to below RM2000 to keep his qualification,” says Lim Kit Siang in an immediate reaction.

“No by-election in Bukit Gelugor yet as final appeal must be exhausted. No need stay of execution. See Art 48 FC,” says lawyer Syahredzan.

Another lawyer New Sin Yew remarks: “During the appeal of Karpal’s conviction and sentence, the Court of Appeal may increase or decrease the sentence.”

Ousted Perak Speaker V Sivakumar tweets: “Kalau seorang peguam yang paling kanan di ng kita x boleh bersuara utk mempertahankan perlembagaan, kita sedang melangkah ke arah kehancuran.”

The threshold for disqualification of an elected rep is a fine of RM2000.

What has happened to Najib’s worthless pre-election promise to repeal the Sedition Act? Janji ditepati?

Many other Malaysians are extremely upset at what is being done to elected representatives and this sentiment is likely to be reflected in the outcome of the Kajang by-election.

Meanwhile, Suaram reports that three Orang Asli villagers were charged today under S148 of the Penal Code for ‘rioting’ during a land dispute. Bail was set at RM2000 each. Next mention date given: 14 April 2014.

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Fools. I hope the tide turns quickly and we no longer have to subservient to the absolute …clowns running this country in the the ground.


One by one, BN starts to prosecute Pakatan leaders?
Hint of operation lalang?

Rich Daddy

Hi all, you should ask for permission before using my previous nickname. Thank you.


I wonder what will these PR bigot say when after Karpal appeal, the fine was lessen to less than 2k or conviction overturn.

Andrew I



Andrew : Yes perception cannot be jailed but Deception should be jailed. 4k for deception is light


Yang for Bukit Gelugor in the making ? Gerakan M (Mah instead of K for Koh now) can evaluate Yang’s potential based on his testimonials published in anilnetto.com comment sections and pay for his by-election deposit ? The time for Yang to release his “geram” towards Rayer as well ?

Andrew I

Thanks, Kee. Haven’t been commenting lately because I don’t want to sound like a broken record like some people. Don’t worry, when I cannot tahan a stupid comment, I’ll release a gem.


Anil, i shall try, havent done before. Thanks.

Andrew, hardly see you these days. How right, perception is something that cannot be jailed.

Andrew I

Perception is something that cannot be jailed.

Kok Keong

Stop crapping. Ever heard of the Jim Crow Laws in the U.S.? Laws that lasted well into the middle of the last century?


so now, anwar karpal etc cannot EVER be found guilty at all of anything, else it means the courts arent fair.
but when theyre found not guilty, the court is fair.

when karpal was acquitted in 2010, courts are Fair!
when high court says anwar not guilty, justice is Done!
what kind or rubbish is that? that you only must win?

and this anil, sure as hell, wont post this, like he deleted many other posts not supporting the pakatan rubbish.


Anil, is it ok if you allow the following to be posted in your blog:

“Buku saya cetakan kedua sudah siap.

Assalam, boleh order skrg dgn sms nama dan alamat ke …

Selepas terima buku saya akan sms no account untuk masuk duit RM15.

Tksh banyak atas sokongan semua.

Wassalam – Mejar Zaidi ”

I have forwarded the msg to all my friends and ordered 5 copies.

Please let us support Zaidi, a man of principle, he risks his rice bowl to uphold truth and righteousness.

Thank you, Anil.


Anil, my sis forwarded me, got it from Zaidi’s face book. Thought to reach out as many as possible to help him and also the public should know more about our good government through his book. Should be genuine. Many thks.


Yang can stand in for by election should there be one so that he can showcase to Penangite that he is more capable than LGE ?


Apartheid is not the rule of law but a rule of policy in S Africa just like segregation in America during and before the 60s. Karpal was jailed under the rule of law in Malaysia which used to be a British colony of which many of these ‘archaic colonial offences under the Penal Code’ are remnants of the British colonial era. So if you want to blame, you should blame the English

Kok Keong

Stop crapping. Ever heard of the Jim Crow Laws in the U.S.? Laws that lasted well into the middle of the last century?

Phua Kai Lit

There was also the “rule of law” in apartheid South Africa.


Just because you are the opposition does it means that the law must not take it course. The judge is just following the law. Karpal still has the right of appeal and hope he will be successful with his arguments. He should be happy that he is not being jailed for 5 years

najib manaukau

The schmucks in Umno might not be aware that their actions are generating more hatred and resentment for themselves as a result of having the opposition leaders sidelined from their roles as the leaders of the opposition !
Just you wait and see for the results of the next GE, this time round even with all the deceitful tricks these Umno schmucks will not be able to keep them in Putrajaya for any longer. Enough is enough !