Jerit cyclists reach Parliament


1212: Some 120 Jerit cyclists are now in Parliament, where they will be having lunch and handing over their memorandums to a rep from the BN and the Opposition. It’s mission accomplished! Congratulations to the Jerit team.

1145: About 30 participants of the Jerit cycling teams are now in Parliament to hand in their memorandum amidst a heavy police presence, including a helicopter clattering overhead.

Earlier they were barred from cycling to Parliament. “The OCPD told us we could head to Parliament, but not on our bicycles,” says Jerit coordinator Rani Rasiah.

“We decided to test this by asking one of the cyclists to ride, but he was stopped. It looks as if cycling is now banned as it could be a threat to security.”

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If any of those youngsters who participated in the Jerit campaign were my kid I would be so very proud of him or her. To me such courage, perseverance and commitment is worth far more than 11 bloody A’s in the SPM! Syabas, all those who helped organize & coordinate this epochal project – M Hassan will never know how much his men-in-blue contributed to inspiring youngsters throughout Malaysia to continue resisting injustice & tyranny & to dedicate their lives to restoring this magnificent land to true greatness.


Bicycles are of course dangerous weapons. If you recall, the government is even afraid of a little girl bringing flowers to the Prime Minister. And after the recent ‘shoegate’ incident in Irag where a journo threw his Gucci at the President, do you think these people will allow bicycles into parliament?


This will be an absolute eye-opener for the kids and their friends. They should share their experiences with their friends and families, before they grow up and miss the fact that the police (appear to be) political tools of UMNO! If the small minded police officers can’t even concentrate on what is important for the police, mayube it is time to leave for another job ! They are insulting their uniform, and I find it shocking police officers who do not agree with political interference keeping quiet. All in all, memang macam third world country. Talk about blowing trumpets eh,… Read more »


Ha! Ha! Looks like bicycles are now banned! Something for environment activists to gripe about!
Syabas to Malaysia for promoting fuel-driven vehicles! Yes, we need more CO2 in the air.


I find that PDRM have completely lost their common sense. It shudders me to think that these people are supposed to keep a peaceful life for Malaysians. Just see how much time, and public fund they have wasted in all the nonsense that they have been doing over the years.

Is there any law to stop them fr being so ridiculous ?


You need helicopters for cyclists? How shameful?


Dont you guys got anything better to do ah? We know BN will be out once and for all come next election. So why dont you guys do something more productive like earn some money in the mean time.Be a value producer. Sell burgers, or rojak or open a bycle repair shop for Jerit. Anything.


GE14: Vote for Change!


Jerit should thank the … police for championing their cause…especially the … CPO Khalid. Why in the hell, do we have m…… as leaders of the Home Ministry. Firstly, made many times a fool of himself, the Great Botak’ HM minister, who talks before he thinks and closely followed by this CPO…


Ironically, the gomen has given Jerit more publicity than they bargained for. All I can say is, these young people will now be even more resolute in their fight against injustice after what the police have subjected them to. Syabas Jerit … God bless these brave young people of tomorrow. Keep pedalling for the cause that counts. And Syabas too, to PDRM for helping to publicise Jerit’s efforts. Now more people than ever are aware of the working class struggle, and perhaps Malaysians will be more supportive of such efforts in the future.

Man on the Street

I thought the numbers of cyclist should be more, around 200?
What are all these police, special Branch, Task force, even helicopter reported from Malaysian kini doing with kids and peace loving citizens. Its getting extremely shameful, ridiculous, absurd, and simply a waste of resources. I’m sure our 180 degree opposite brainers will says its for their protection. Ha ha ha

Continue, to show the world (how) stupid (we are). Plain bully, its getting from bad to worse.