ISA poll: Let’s have another go…


The ISA poll on the KDN website has shown some wildly fluctuating results.

From 90 per cent of some 14,000 respondents who want the ISA abolished on 10 August, it has now plunged to just 49 per cent of over 17,000 respondents today! Amazing…

(P.S. The poll on the KDN website was removed less than 24 hours after this posting.)

So let’s try another poll here to see what we get. (The earlier poll on this blog showed that 91 per cent wanted the ISA repealed.)

[poll id=”48″]

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the number of total votes for question 1 and 4 just goes to show that gov studies, surveys are nothing but kulit wayang. they make a decision beneficial to themselves, then they do a “survey”, (allegedly) adjust the results and then do what they want to do.

the last GE feels like just yesterday to me. I can’t wait for the next one to come again.

johanssm / khun Pana

It just shows that (they are) getting good at (allegedly) rigging polls.
Do recap that they are planning to use electronic balloting for the coming General Election?


The “actual” survey results are revealed here:


Thinking Rakyat stupid ah…anyway this is what BN is good at. Window dressing expert & arrogant…


I suggest putting a snapshot of the results here. Let everyone see before they pad question 2, 3 and 5.


Agree with Wira. Who ever pad the results is very bad at it…

malaysian people




why all these ISA again when what u should have a poll about is the kg. buah pala issue and asked who supported the kg buah pala residents or state govt.? are u afraid of the results. isn’t that so convenient doing a poll again on ISA?

It’s obvious that the majority of you have little sympathy for the villagers. – Anil


Umno/BN… time to put it to sleep.


Aiyoh, science and mathematics do not lie.

Even if all the 3000 persons voted for the ISA, it means finally 12600 are against and 4400 are for. This works out to be 74.1% Against and 25.9% for. QED

Again Probability tells us that it is near impossible that all the final 3000 people voted for the ISA.

BN Government better rethink PPSMI


kah kah kah,
KDN also wanna lie?
even a single poll, kah kah kah..

new wing of barisan = kdn?


IT Dept can easily be asked to duplicate the number of votes if needed. Other (possible) method is to ask the staffs to participate with the expected answer recorded in the system to make sure they all toe the line.


we will voice our true opinion in the next GE,don’t worry.


My personal view is that this whole issue of them conducting a opinion poll on their website can be manipulated.If the government is serious then it is best to let independant bodies do it monitored by prominent public figures.In fact the best way is through a public referendum for a whole lot of issues such as OSA act,Seditious Act,on Police Commission and Judiciary once and for all.

firdaus mansor

We all know Malaysia boleh…….but lately they are so desperate it seems. We’ll keep on going freinds.


So blatant lie and they can even go ahead and cheat so openly. Don’t they know no shame? Don’t they ever respect the Malaysians’ intelligence? They really think we’re stupid, right? Good, show them come GE13!


Does KDN really want public’s feed back on ISA or what. We know KDN has no interest to abolish the ISA because it serves their purpose to detain anyone, anytime without ant reason assigned.


The ikdn site (appears to have)y cheated.

They padded at least 15,000 favourable votes on question 1 and 4. It is so glaringly obvious because controversial question 1 & 4 have 15,000 more votes than 2 & 3.

… contrary to the purpose of a poll, they are obviously not interested in feedbacks.


Any draconian law It has no place in the nation The governing politicians will harp on it We need it to protect the country When we look back of the years These government politicians only want their power To suppress dissents in unethical pursuits They just can’t take it to answer allegations ISA and others related laws It is high time the government abolished Don’t give the excuse of terrorism threats We have other laws to reign them in ISA has served its time Our Bapa Malaysia promised it so Yet the government politicians will not let go We know… Read more »


Yep we all know the outcome, HOWEVER I STILL WANT TO VOTE TO MAKE MY POINT!


Mr.Anil..we r all eagerly waiting for ur report on (the alleged) 10million (“donation”) the MCA cheif ahd taken


Let’s see, 90% of 14,000 is 12,600. If all the new voters voted not to abolish it, you’ll still have 12,600 of 17,000 ie 74%.

KDN cannot even do maths, hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!


Cheat also don’t know how to cheat properly. Before the manipulation, the number of repondents on the KDB website were about the same for all 5 questions. Now the respondents for the 2 critical questions is twice the other 3 questions. Are people so stupid?


Do not waste time lah.
We already know what the result will be. Can you trust the KDN survey?
We never trust anything coming from BN.