ISA: It’s 50 years to the day…


Today marks 50 years of the ISA’s existence. That’s fifty dark years.

It’s time for the ISA to go.

In 1960, D R Seenivasagam accurately predicted what would happen when the ISA bill was tabled.

Rising to debate the Internal Security Bill on 22 June 1960, D R Seenivasagam called it “a vicious and repulsive document, a document which is repulsive to all those who believe in democracy”. He found it “difficult to believe any citizen of this country could have drafted this Bill if he has the interests of his fellow citizens at heart”.

“This Security Bill not only attempts to deal with terrorism, but it also attempts to deal with any citizen who dares to open his mouth,” he added, and charged that the Government’s motive in promulgating it was “intimidation, political intimidation, not only of political organisations, but of the people of this country”.

Check out the full article by Tan Pek Leng on the Aliran website here.

Mansuhkan ISA sekarang!

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50 years of infamy.


Dont worry Anil nowadays ISA also means :”Internet Sekarang Ada”.

So whilst Malaysians are being locked up under the ‘Internal Security Act’or ISA, Malaysians are also waking up to the reality of what is happening in Malaysia via the ISA also i.e ISA (Internet Sekarang Ada”). So corrupt officials mana mau lari.