Images from the RPK ISA trial



Photos by a citizen reporter providing us with live coverage


Supporters wait anxiously outside court

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18 Feb 2009 3.52am

Here are three cheers for RPK, the people’s pahlawan! 🙂 Hip hip hoorah to good RPK! *3 And three cheers for learned counsel Malik Imtiaz, another people’s pahlawan! 🙂 Hip hip hoorah to good Malik Imtiaz! *3 And three cheers too to all the brave, good-fighting rakyat who are standing up to support people’s pahlawan, good RPK! 🙂 Hip hip hoorah to the brave, good-fighting rakyat!*3 And here are some gratuitous 🙁 YAH BOO, SUCKS! to Pablo A*** ***** and other such yuk, yuk, yukky non-legal entities! WE SAY YEAH! & NO TO ISA! 😛 AND HARIS FOR AG &… Read more »

18 Feb 2009 2.17am

S Augustine Paul?

The two things I remember about him are:

1) The Anwar trials where the reputation of the judiciary, police and the AG’s office took a hit it has never recovered from

2) The unholy haste with which he ended up on the Supreme Court bypassing his seniors (and betters I might add).

Come to think of it, why should (2) surprise anyone?

Musa Hassan and Gani Patail have (1) and (2) as their own claim to infamy as well in the aftermath of the case…..

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)
Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)
18 Feb 2009 12.13am

Raja Petra, we are behind you all the way, for your most courageous and persistent bravery! But we hope you would not sacrifice yourself to such an extent because we need your brilliant critical mind, to keep on writing. Remember, a pen is mightier than the sword. This unjust UMNO and its viciously corrupted politicians and their tools that include the PDRM will fell one day. But we need you to go on struggling for this, as we need Anwar and many other PR politicians and conscious and just-thinking public. We must think of a new strategy to fight against… Read more »

Ex Neutral
Ex Neutral
17 Feb 2009 10.55pm

What, Augustine Paul ? They might as well…. God please save the nation.

17 Feb 2009 8.02pm

So reassuring to have someone like Malik Imtiaz Sarwar defend you. He looks every inch the masterful advocate & solicitor. Thanks, Imtiaz, for helping us keep RPK out of Kamunting. It’s appauling that Augustine Paul, of all judges, is sitting on the Federal Court panel!!!…