Historic day at University of Malaya as hundreds rally in solidarity with Azmi Sharom


It is the first time in recent memory that the academic and staff unions have come together in a show of solidarity.

In clamping down on the likes of Azmi Sharom, student leader Safwan Anang and journalist Susan Loone, the authorities have made a serious miscalculation, resulting in a groundswell of disquiet over the Sedition Act that is rippling across the nation.

This reminds me of how public sentiment swung decisively against the ISA in 2008 after Teresa Kok, RPK and journalist Tan Hoon Cheng were detained without trial under the draconian law.

It was only two years ago, in 2012, that the prime minister pledged to repeal the Sedition Act and have it replaced with – presumably more democratic – national harmony legislation.

This move seemed to be in line with global trends towards greater democracy. In 2007, for instance, New Zealand repealed its sedition law. In the UK, sedition and seditious libel were abolished as common law offences in 2010 (although sedition by foreigners remains).

So when is Najib going to honour his pledge? If not now, then when?

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The colonial-era Sedition Act is unconstitutional as it was not a law passed by Parliament, law professor Dr Azmi Sharom’s legal team told the Sessions Court today.


The current Sedition Act was not a pre-Merdeka law in its original form, which was the Sedition Ordinance. Azmi Sharom is not charged under the Ordinance, he is charged under the Sedition Act which is the product of the Law Reform Commission.

Wee Chin

According to the QS World University Ranking 2014 survey, National University of Singapore (NUS) ranks 1 while UM ranks 32nd in Asia.

32nd is hardly the best in Asia. Would our DPM explains what he meant by world class education?


Malaysia May be improving, but Singapore is improving at faster pace.


Yes, yes, yes, chinholiao, you are really ho liao, i am in -Anil’s fans !!!

Ok waiting here, next wed ya, Anil see ya !!!


Another property fair at Gurney Paragon now until Sunday.
Heard the news that GST will bring property price up by at least another 3%?


I shall scan the pic for the benefits of many silent supporters. My scanner under repair but able to upload to AnilNetto.com next Wednesday. Stay Tune ! 🙂


For Anil’s fans, do get yesterday China Press newspaper and turn to page A5 and you can notice Anil showing his support at USM together with Susan Loone etc.
Seldom you get to see Anil on mainstream paper. This should be the fan’s collector issue !


this shows chinese educated readers now get to know you !
don’t think The Star or NST will ever publish such photo so do get one copy of yesterday’s China Press.

I can scan the photo to upload to your page ?

Phua Kai Lit

I would like to buy the newspaper and get Mr Anil’s autograph too. As I am one of the members of the much dreaded group called “Anil’s fans”.

However, I don’t read Chinese. So …………….. perhaps ChinHoLiao can translate the article for us “Anil’s fans” ?

Once again, thank you for your public service in bringing our attention to this. Also for
brightening our day with your attempt at humour.


Can the picture be reproduced here?

This is indeed historic for Anil to appear on chinese newspaper.


Can we believe in Liew Chin Tong or the CAT or those DAP sycophants. Look at how they … twist in the Selangor MB fiasco


This is the result of not keeping to his numerous promises and it is the beginning of more chaos that will come. Najib stop jetting around giving the impression you are the tourism minister as alleged by the former Umno MB of Selangor and pay more attention to what is happening in the country. Your time is nearly up but before you leave make sure that you will not be replaced by someone nominated or another crony of this repugnant Mahathir. The records will show that his choices are all failures and thus will bring more chaos to this country… Read more »

Ed G

‘Your time is nearly up but before you leave make sure that you will not be replaced by someone nominated or another crony of this repugnant Mahathir’.

In that case, every BN component party should start pondering on their list of PM nominees (preferably more than 2) should such a list be required in the near future.

Don Anamalai

Meanwhile PM Najib capitalise on the “Najib” brand to gain more traction with voters, especially the younger generation, by moving away from 1Malaysia brand name which now carries the baggage of unfulfiled promises.


Not sure how much money is paid to the consultant for such rebranding exercise.


“I always tell non-Malays not to think that the Malays are lazy. If anyone asks me today, I would have to say Malays are lazy,” Dr Mahathir said.

Dr M laments failing to change the Malays (laziness?) even after 22 years (failure of NEP due to wrong prescription?), urges them to emulate Japanese without realizing that the new generation of Japanese is no longer competitive.


Will calling malays lazy be deemed seditious by those ultra sensitive malay NGOs like Isma and Perkasa?


Perkasa and Isma have … are too lazy to lodge a complaint?


the young brainier ones now want their voices heard; and the authorities should listen for they shall form the major force determine or influence the outcomes of next General Election.

By the way, squatters at Batu Ferringi being offered 350 inits 3-room flats before proposed mixed development (commercial & supercondos?) being developed near Jln Sungai Emas area. State gomen to get 140 units to be offered to eligible folks (tak payah go thru “72K” property agent yang greedy !)



Al Jazeera’s On The Stream:
The debate over Malaysia’s Sedition Act


Thanks for highlighting this program on this blog.
This Al Jazeera program was partly interrupted and cut when it was first shown on Astro for the obvious reason.