High Court judge Kamardin Hashim orders release of 3 Sosma detainees


Syabas! to the team of young lawyers – Amer Hamzah Arshad, Edmund Bon, Fadiah Nadwa, Sin Yew, Farida Mohd, Ida Nadirah, Joshua Tay, Yen Hui, and Nur Zatulitry – who worked hard to secure the release of the three men who were detained under the new Special Measures (Security Offences) Act, which replaced the ISA.

Sosma legal team
This is the new Malaysia I dream of, where people come together to work for justice and human rights.

fz.com reported:

High Court Judge Kamardin Hashim ruled that Sosma had no application based on the charges and allowing the trial to proceed was ultra vires to Article 149 of the Federal Constitution.

“If the charge is allowed then the procedure is against Article 149 and is a misuse of the court process… the three applicants must be freed,” he said.

The three released were Yazid Sufaat, Halimah Hussein and Muhammad Hilmi. According to Malaysiakini, former Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein had said the group was involved in encouraging violence to threaten the public in Syria.

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Jimmy Lee

This generation of young lawyers have broken the racial barrier and worked as anak Malaysia to fight justice for their fellow Malaysians regardless of race and religion. Our country will be more harmonious and peaceful if we all maintain the spirit of unity and a one Malaysian identity as illustrated in the teamwork shown by these young professionals.

Gerakan K

Our legal system is perfect.

Andrew I

Correct, correct, correct.


Round one: Touche to the learned Judge and alhamdulillah to the three warriors of the `without fear or favour’ people of Malaysia Kita! And many thanks to the band of dedicated lawyers and God Bless the tireless netizens on whom many pin their hopes to keep the Torch of Hope and Change burning bright! We may be beaten by the FPTP voting system and gerrymandering but the Fire and Flame of Resolve will not be Extinguished in All 5.6millions and more of We, the true ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA! kEEP up the good work! Alhamdulillah, sujud syukur, anak2, we will lick… Read more »


Extremely proud of these young Malaysians.