Heads turn as Zunar shows up for Aliran forum in blazing pink


Zunar stole the limelight when he showed up in blazing pink for the Aliran forum on Defending Freedom of Expression at the Caring Society Complex in Penang last night.

The internationally renowned political cartoonist said the pink was a “protest” message after he had been forced to call off his Ketawa Pink Pink (Laugh Till You Are Pink) exhibition earlier yesterday following thinly veiled intimidation from Umno Youth.

Full story on the Aliran website.

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Zunar today filed a suit against the police for wrongful arrest and seizure of his books during a fundraiser in Kuala Lumpur last year.

His lawyer N. Surendran said the action was to send a message to the authorities that his client would no longer tolerate the constant arrests and raids.


The fabulous life and travels of a 28-year-old Malaysian billionaire heiress and CEO

Here’s why her 178,000 Instagram followers can’t get enough of her glamorous lifestyle.



Naza + Berjaya = Super Filthy Rich.


Pakatan Harapan is compiling a manifesto on bread-and-butter issues, according to Rafizi Ramli, said the promises would probably be similar to the prior election, as well as replacing the GST with a more progressive tax system and resuming subsidies. Urban voters see Najib’s promises of cheaper housing and better transport as “sweeteners that take ages to reach them,” Rafizi said. He’s proposing a wages council that would set a mandatory annual minimum wage increase for all workers. Many Malaysians feel less secure. There remains resentment over a goods and services tax introduced two years ago. Consumer sentiment is well below… Read more »


Malaysian Newsprint Industries Sdn Bhd (MNI), an associated company of Media Prima Bhd, will begin its voluntary winding up proceedings.

Printed mainstream media like NST is not selling?



Rumour that MediaPrima could close down NTV7 to cut cost(?)


MACC chief puzzled by claims they only go after ‘ikan bilis’ https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/390722 Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Dzulkifli Ahmad expressed puzzlement over accusations that the graft busters had only gone after low-ranking officers, described as “ikan bilis” (anchovies), but ignored the “sharks and whales”. “Some times I don’t understand when people talk about ‘ikan bilis’, sharks and whales. “If the action MACC had taken against those with the title of ‘tan sri’, ‘datuk seri’ and ‘datuk’, who are not ‘whales and sharks’, I don’t know what ‘whales and sharks’ are supposed to be,” he said during an interview on TV3’s… Read more »


MACC practises “sports fishing” which is catch-and-release of big fish. The measure of the MACC’s success is how many of those caught are prosecuted and sentenced by the court.


Citizens can start a campaign to help him “understand.” E.g. Ever more dams in Sarawak though far in excess of current and projected demand as well as promises. Felda/FGV Chairman moved out of harm’s way and CEO not allowed to talk. ECRL cost. Disappearing forests. Petronas rescue of Mad Hatter’s son. Petronas issuing a bond “even though we don’t need it.”

Wonder Woman

Don’t be racist. An Indian was a leader in Malay UMNO is a good move for integration. No Malays, no Indians all Malaysians


Obviously Umno Penang did not want Zunar to upstage DPM in the Iskandar Kutty comedy.


Obviously Umno Penang did not want Zunar to upstage DPM in comedy.


You are right, Zahid Komedi now making racist jokes to rival all Raja Lawak including Harith Iskandar who will find Iskandar Kutty uncomfortable?


If Zahid can disrespect Mahathir, a President of umno and the Prime Minister of Malaysia for twenty-two years, guess the respect he has for other leaders and also the rakyat? His head has grown too big for his hat. Time to replace this recalcitrant. Hisham’keris’mudin must be happy now.


Zahid Hamidi is treating us to history lessons. Memali incident occurred more than thirty years ago. Forex loss is more than twenty years. How about speaking of the more current scandal Zahid like the RM2.6 billion Arab donation. You said you had met the donor. Maybe it is time for you to reveal to all the name of the donor and where exactly you met him and when. No need for Sumpah. Perhaps you also have a recording of your conversation with him. That would be good, nothing to hide, including the source of your (alleged) RM230 million?


Now Zahid is trying to bring back the ghost of Memali. We shall wait more backlash from Tun M.