Have you ‘liked’ the ‘Free Jeyakumar’ Facebook page?


Hello people, have you “liked” the “100,000 Rakyat Malaysia Demand The Immediate Release Of MP Dr Jeyakumar” Facebook page already?

By now, most of you will have heard all about Dr Jeyakumar and his party colleagues, cruelly incarcerated without trial under the Emergency Ordinance.

Please publicise the Facebook page among your circle of friends. Free Jeyakumar and the others now.

Please help to support this blog if you can.

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Low Chee Ming Low

As a Malaysian, I feel so unsafe in this Bolehland. At any moment, the police can just arrest you for reason you and any right-mided citizen deem to be so silly, such as wearing yellow T-shirt, lighting vigil candle, and even demand for our rights under the Federal Constitution.
I have a dream, for myself and for my family BUT I know I won’t be able to achieve it if the current government is still in power.


To have more than 5000 qualified and registered medical doctors in this country siding Dr. Jeyakumar is not an easy feat. Such is a rare phenomenon. .
Even Mahathir failed to have such support from the professional organization.Round of cheers to the Malaysian Doctors and Surgeons.


Because 5000 medical doctors can’t forget the good hearted Dr. Jeyakumar except one senile Dr. who always pretends to quote Apanama?

Andrew I

Here CSL approves of the newly established ties with Rome: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/7/20/nation/9134236&sec=nation

Do you think that His Holiness might approve of the Caligula East video?



Are Socialist and Communist the same thing?
Why BN want us to be afraid of either of them?


Anil, just found out 13th Sep 2011 is the dateline for Registration for Vote. Can you make special Reminder slot on your page? Its Now or Never
May God help us all.


gerakan k,

what say u? better defend your BN Hisha the keris waving UMNOputra.

Gerakan K

Hah !!! Begging for freedom ???

Kerana mulut, badan binasa


God gave and still gives men freedom of choice on earth.
It is malevolent men who wholeheartedly take away others’ birth-right freedom that really (upsets) God.
That applies to enslaved mindos … of the walking dead on the moonless Mongolian grassland filled with blood sucking grasshoppers where the screeching ghost of Altan roams nightly for revenge.

Andrew I

… Mini market business must be suffering from hypermarket competition.

You should have your own facebook page. Ask from Yen Yen. I’m sure she can give you one free. Then you can run your own campaign to stop his release and see how many likes you get.


Locking up jeyakumar is about canning the indians. As long as umno still think they can suppress another public display of discontent by the indians, jeyakumar and his colleagues will not be out.

If BN still got 80% indian votes, why they bother to change? In their twisted mind, 80% indians love the way they are treated, what is there to change?

Only the indians can get them out now by showing umno that they are history as far as the indians are concerned if the 6 are not released immediately. Otherwise, wait till after ge13.


Where is the Gandhi spirit in them Indians?
Unless they are willingly manipulated to sleep and forget the sins past and present. Even Gandhi himself had limits as to what can test the human spirit of timid perseverance and spite in the face of human rights.
Time for good old Indian Coffee at my favorite Indian stall of pride and humility.


Dr Jeyakumar may be too “elite” to engage the general Indians hence thr lack of support among the Indian community to get him released ???


Yes, have “LIKED” that, a few days ago.
On another note, Kedah PAS (closure of Entertainment outlets) & Selangor PAS (Anti-MTV) are pleading with us to vote for BN in the next elections.
Am a strong PR supporter as PR has promised our basic rights, however if they choose to emulate BN, then sorry, you have also lost my vote. Might as well spoil my vote than vote for either of you