Autopsy reveals Dhamendran’s gruesome death


The full autopsy report on the death of N Dharmendran in police custody reveals that he succumbed to sadistic and horrific injuries, said to be even worse than what A Kugan endured.

Dharmendran had 52 injuries from head to toe, according to the full autopsy report resealed by forensic pathologist Dr Siew Sheue Feng of Hospital Kuala Lumpur. He was probably handcuffed as there were no defensive bruises.

There was no significant natural disease found in his body that could have caused or contributed to his death at that particular moment in time. Post-mortem examination revealed he sustained multiple blunt force trauma in his body. These injuries were caused by blunt objects and the wounds were relatively fresh. No defensive wound was identified in the body of the deceased. The overall pattern of these injuries is neither self-inflicted nor accidental in nature. (Summary and conclusion of Dr Siew’s report, Malaysian Chronicle)

And yet the Home Minister says it has to be “handled delicately” while those suspected have been given desk jobs.

Do you see something terribly wrong in this situation?

Where is the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission, a key recommendation of a Royal Commission of Inquiry?

How many more custodial deaths is the government willing to tolerate?

(As a side note, Dr Siew was the one who carried out the medical investigation of Saiful in the presence of DSP Jude Blacious Pereira during Sodomy II. See Berita Harian here.)

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Gerakan K


Police already classified the case as MURDER. What else do you want ??? Want to jump QUEUE kah ??? Sabarlah. Malaysia got many criminal cases waiting to be investigated and queuing for court proceeding.


When dead murdered bodies turn to dust, when disgusting memories fade into oblivion, the cases may never be opened like a can of rotten sardines.
Apa Nama Busuk Case Tu?

Gerakan K

Huh ??? I really do not understand what you meant. Which case ???


I guess most Indians in Malaysia now must think..WHY NAJIB WANTED THE CUSTODIAL DEATH DEMAND BY HINDRAF TO BE DROPPED? is it something that BN can never overcome? Is the police is totally out of control that even the PM dare not touch on issues pertaining to the police? Or why Najib wants custodial death to continue n how it will benefit him n BN? Well the police is suppose to provide protection to all those on remand n make sure that they r able to assist in solving cases, those in the lock up must be monitored n observed… Read more »

Ed G

The very action on dropping the ‘Death in Custody Demand’ is rather puzzling. Compared to demands that involves the upgrading of the standard of living of the Indians which might take years or even a whole generation to see positive results (since it involves factors such as education, professions, demography, mentality, culture etc. of a whole racial diaspora within this country), this problem can be solved by the change in SOPs, improving discipline, punishing those who broke the rules etc. (all done within the police force) plus external monitoring through IPCMC which takes a much shorter timeframe to implement. And… Read more »


REMOVE ZAHID: Not only is he inept but he may have (allegedly) assaulted someone!

Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak should remove Dato Seri Zahid Hamidi as Home Minister pending the resolution of a civil suit brought against him for alleged assault.

Dear reader,

Just imagine we have an allegation now in court of a Home Minister for assault. Can you trust in the police and relevant authority for justice. Corruption, racism and hijacking of the Constitution is just not enough for BN UMNO, now we have (alleged) ASSAULT

Gerakan K

Police classify death of man in lock-up as murder (

Why part of the case did you don’t understand ??? People already boring with red bean daily nonsense.


GK, When we have one too many deaths under custody, any believe in the reasons of the police would be like a stupid moron who is not able to use his head to think


You are wrong. It is not Malay or Chinese but If it is an UMNO crony or people there it will be done very very swiftly


Karuna is third death-in-custody victim in 11 days

Engineer P Karuna Nithi has become the third person to die in police custody in less than two weeks. The family was informed of his death in Tampin last night.

Well well, ask Waytha, the great pretender. He has got what he wanted, a deputy minister post which he vowed to help the Indian. Now lets see what he can do.!!!!!

Bill Chua

PRDM are well known throughout he world for committing the most number of custodial deaths on Indians, Malaysia Boleh must alert the Guinness World Records officials. PRDM only good at (doing this to) defenceless Indians who were handcuffed and unable to defend themselves. If they IGP can personally whacked former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar ibrahim, what chance has the normal Malaysian citizen? Only cowards commit such crimes & they do so in a herd. They would have the … to do anything alone if the victim is able to defend themself….

grkumarGopal Raj Kumar

The question is how many custodial deaths of non Chinese are you willing to tolerate. When Teoh Beng Hck fell to his death all races were required by the Chinese led opposition groups to acknowledge he had been pushed to hiss death by the MACC. The evidence was flawed. They brought ina discredited Thai woman who happened to be a forensic pathologist inspite of her (allegedly) discredited past. She had amitted to misleading he first inquiry. She was not independent. She was (allegedly) paid for by a mainly Chinese group. Yet throughout the election campaign no mention was made of… Read more »


We all can complain, complain and complain day in and day out but it will go into deaf ears of the PM, HM and the IGP. These there clowns think we the rakyaat are fools who can do nothing else except shout and gather in the streets which proves to us that hence they hold the power for the next five years, the rakyaat will be subject to such treatments. As long as UMNO is in power the PM, HM, IGP and all other ministries will enjoy exclusive freedom (to condone) evil acts such as corruption, intimidation, harassment, death in… Read more »

Bangsa Malaysia

The moral lesson here is that if you are police and you kill someone, you get a desk, table and chair. Nice.


Hoi BN open eyes and just look at what your type of governing is doing to this country…to say before its too late…is a gross under-statement.


Shame shame shame! Gangsters in uniform. The reputation of our police has hit rock bottom. We can’t even teach our kids to trust them. Heads should roll for this, but no right action taken. Why? No one can cast the first stone, because leaders also got integrity problem. Shame!


This very act of severe beatings is inherent in the PDRM members even when not in the Investigationg as the first known case was DSAI in 1998! Fortunately he ended up with neck braces and a bloodied body and left eye, whcih was visible when he was produced in court! He was unconscious for a whole day not to mention to reduce the evidence of copious blood from the injuries, they had him striped! That was on the night of his arrest because someone had told me about this the following day! So this culture of beat first ask later… Read more »


What the Indian community need to do is invent a better term for this. “Custodial death” just does not paint the horrific picture it really is. They don’t call the Pinochet killings or Argentina’s “desaparecidos” such kind terms..


Does polis allow murder suspects to walk about FREELY & having a nice day behind the desks or have a cuppa of Kopi-O while investigations are going on? What are the chances of these suspects tampering with evidences, concocting alibis, threatening victims or influencing investigation officers? You good guess is as good as full moon crying wolves at our PDRM. Gerakan K should dye his body with black Indian ink & make a report at the same polis station where Dhamendran did & ask to be thrown in the lockup. And we see what will happen to his good polishing… Read more »


His skin could most probably be also black but that come with a bin

semac san

At one time, those in custody (allegedly) typically died of “congestive heat failure.” A court case highlighted that Bolehland had the world’s highest rate of this mysterious disease. When the police HQs moved into tall buildings, they (allegedly) took to jumping off the upper floors. Outside, they took to attacking policemen – who had firearms – with simple parangs. Of late, if we are to believe the photos AND the official satements, they have taken to beating themselves dead with iron bars, staplers, etc. A guard “visiting” a station to make an inquiry managed to hang himself in the toilet.… Read more »

Ed G

Serious actions should be taken not only against those directly involved in the interrogations but also their superiors who tried to cover-up the wrong doings by misleading the family members of the deceased and the public with their own concocted ‘findings’. Remember the infamous ‘parang in the back compartment’ in the Amirulnasyid case? Or many others ‘health related cases’ involving youth healthy victims?


Why is the law not being applied to these four suspects the same way that it is applied to those not in police employment? They should have been in the lock-up from the day that the autopsy report confirmed the death was not an unexplained “sudden death” but a very, very cruel murder.

najib manaukau

These signs are not ones that need to be investigated for more than even a day ! Yet the … police is still sitting on it, with their colleagues sitting behind the desks. This only goes to show the police force (condones) the actions of the four culprits thus also setting a good example to all the other police personals. No wonders so many people die in the custody of the police, this has gone on for too long yet Najib and all the former P.M. did nothing and took no actions to prevent the deaths from happening again and… Read more »

stella ong

You ‘scratch’ my back, not you ‘sketch my back…

Bangsa Malaysia

“sketch” pun permissible juga lah ong, that’s why there are tatoos on the backs on UMNO members, maybe even sketches of 1Malaysia..


“Custodial deaths are becoming a constant event. They are always followed by a big hue and cry… Then all is forgotten until another death happens. Is there no respect for life? “Our government can grief for Palestinians, can demand the United Nations to intervene and even risk death by sending ships with aid through the Israeli naval blockade. But it can’t seem to do or feel the same for our citizens who die in custody. Why this double standard? “In what way is the grief of the mothers of those custodial death victims different to the cries of the mothers… Read more »

Gerakan K

3 points: 1) No need specific “tool” for this case. What makes you think IPCMC is the magic to solve thing like this ??? You always object when decisions against you. Eating rice must use spoon kah ??? Let EAIC do its job. 2) No more TBH alike manipulation this time. Politicians should stay away from this case. 3) Who says pakatan is multiracial ??? It is still indians speaking for indians. Like this one “PKR vice president, N Surendran” ( Why you don’t see non-indian speaking for victim in this case ??? Truely multiracial only in your dream. The… Read more »


Idiot you. … one day someone closely related to you (might meet the same fate). Probably then we will hear some sense from an idiotic … polisher like you.

Gerakan K

Calm down. Let the police deal with criminal cases like this one. Not everything needs to associated with politics.

Ahmad Sobri

Idiot! Gerakan Kid! ( Where is your Team) All deserted you because of your low IQ? The Chinese community had never depended on those politically impotent Ministers from MCA/GELAKAN to speak for them. This community had existed on their own without much assistance from the Government since they landed in Malaya. Infact, the Chinese community for the second time is teaching MCA/GELAKAN a lesson and telling them in no uncertain term, ” We do not need political eunuchs to represent us”. Everywhere in the world, the Chinese had managed to do good without Government assistance. Only those parasites Chinese do,… Read more »


You mean those ex-MPs from MCA/GERAKAN were supposed to speak up for us? Wow! But why do I have the impression that most of the time, they were more interested in toeing their MASTER’s party lines than to speak up against social injustice? That’s the perception the Malaysian Chinese community has and that’s why they were given a boot in this GE! I would also want them to speak out against national issues, especially corruptions and abuses.  Aiyaa! Your BOSS didn’t even dare to speak up when his photo was trampled and torn by some UMNO members. Not even a… Read more »