Delegation at Bukit Aman after another custodial death


Update: Police have agreed to a second autopsy.

Gobind Singh Deo is among a delegation at Bukit Aman in connection with the death of 30-year-old Chang Chin Te, who died in the lock up of the USJ 8 police station two days ago.

At Bukit Aman this afternoon
At Bukit Aman this afternoon – Photograph: Rakyat@work

That’s the same police station where Kugan died.

The latest victim’s father Chang Chan Man and the DAP are demanding a second autopsy. See a Malaysian Insider report.

More photos from blog reader Rakyat@work:

Photograph: Mark Smith





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semuanya OK kot
semuanya OK kot
19 Jan 2013 4.45pm

The regime’s greatest nightmare: cross-racial unity and demands.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
16 Jan 2013 6.40pm

Listen listen listen.

It is not party time for pakatan supporters. Don’t shot without knowing the details.

16 Jan 2013 11.27pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

You are right Gerakan, shut up if you don’t know the details. What party? Only dumb like you called party when someone dies.

16 Jan 2013 6.38pm

Will this ever end?

najib manaukau
16 Jan 2013 3.42pm

This is what the Malaysian Police is famous and known for ? You can have two, three, four or even five autopsies the end results will always be the same. The ruling administration has all their lackeys appointed in all the positions of importance… Why do you think so many suspects die in the custody of the police every year ? One is supposed to get protection from the police but you (could even) die … rather than to be protected. There is nothing much these political master can do about it, The police know how badly the scumbags ….… Read more »