Haris Ibrahim, Tian Chua and Tamrin Ghafar detained.

Tian Chua’s last tweet.

Earlier, he tweeted:

Incidentally, Najib had reportedly said last year that his administration would repeal the Sedition Act. “No individual will ever be detained simply due to political ideology,” he had said in a Malaysia Day message last year.

Over the last week, Nik Nazmi, Adam Adli and 18 people attending a candlelight vigil in Jinjang were hauled up or detained.

PKR secretary general Saifuddin Nasution issues a statement today complaining that KDN officers have been seizing copies of Suara Keadilan from distributors.

Similarly, Harakah reports its marketing manager as saying that distributors have informed him of similar seizures of the Harakah newspaper amounting to more than a thousand copies.

The Home Ministry states that 1,408 copies of Suara Keadilan, 1,062 copies of Harakah and 70 copies of The Rocket have been seized. Among the reasons: failure to comply with the conditions of the permit that restrict circulation to party members only.

Transformation and reconciliation?

Or trying to return to jaded and discredited Mahathirism? But times have changed since those dark years. The tragedy is that the administration fails to realise this.

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What’s so seditious – either you down me or I down you in any election campaign. Najib and his bunch of baffoons are just too afraid of candles – the Rakyat’s candles! There was so much injustices, unlevelled playing field and mainstream media/tv belonging to govt/political parties and its cronies being used to churn out BN propaganda s…, our tax-money to buy votes!


I think the master behind all these action by KDN is none other than “apa nama tu” Since his son became the MB of a state he is now having the power to order and command those in the corridors of power to do what he did during his time as PM. The present PM has no more power or say because he is spineless. He has (probably) been ordered to shut up and just follow orders, Have we herd from him anything since the arrest of Adam and now Tiuan Chua, Haris and a few others from the opposition?… Read more »


Sudahlah…..tak payah cakap lebih. We all know the reasons.


Why only opposition members are arrested for seditious comments? What about Zahid Hamidi, Ibrahim Ali, Z Nordin, Dr. M. , Najib and many more BN leaders and those former judge/university professor who have uttered more seditious remarks? Truly a case of selective and vindictive arrest/prosecution. The ruling party can’t take the criticisms aimed at them. Go and arrest every citizen who criticize your shortcomings and charge them under section 4 of the Sedition Act. The more you arrest, more opposition leaders will come out. Don’t provoke the younger generation. Every downfall of an oppressive leader in history was from voices… Read more »

Penang Ah Pek

Hands up & … u are under arrest. Reason: u are … in wrong country.

Gerakan K

Anil, why so naive ??? You want gomen to repeal Sedition Act because you guys wanted to do seditious actions !!! Using that logic, I also demand gomen to repeal any laws regarding to stealing so that I can steal anything anytime. Is that your logic, anil ??? Sudahlah. Lawlessness must be stopped now. All rallies organizers must be held accountable if they contravene with any laws. No person above the law, be it Anwar or Adam. Bravo Mr IGP. You are the man trusted to safeguard our nation safety. The question is why Anwar is still not investigated by… Read more »

Andrew I

Correct, correct, correct.

Andrew I

You know, Dino, you are beginning to sound like apa nama dia, sudah lupa.

I remember you saying that’s all in the past.

I remember that part due to selective amnesia.


BN is using ‘Malaysia Spring’ as an excuse to launch ‘Operation Lalang 2.0’?

Gerakan K

Pakatan must find the best lawyers to answer all charges. Face the reality. No one above the law even pakatan won the popular votes.

Good luck to those arrested. Berani buat, berani tanggunglah.


Yes face reality, No one is above the law. Cheating, corruption and thuggery should be brought to book.

Sedition, Bring to book these people first before you talk of the law, you idiot and ignorant fool, GK. Don’t simply talk like a moron

1. Ibrahim call for burning of the bible
2. A racist judge calling for the abolishment of vernacular school.
3. Perkasa UMNO thugs and mobster harassing peace loving citizen.
4. And many more


Yes and one of the most seditious by papagoma …

GK you know what. You are simply an idiot who is willing to sell your own … kind for being a wannabe. Simply an idiot but what can we expect from a wannabe willing to sell his soul for some crumbs