Cops break up Anwar ceramah


Police moved in to stop Anwar from addressing a ceramah outside Azmin Ali’s service centre in Gombak last night.

This ceramah, which aimed to highlight the latest developments in his case among othere recent events, began at 9.00pm.

A crowd of a few thousand turned up to listen to the various speakers. When it was Anwar’s turn at around 11.30pm, the cops moved in after a few minutes to prevent him from speaking.

The crowd grew agitated and chanted furiously “Reformasi! Reformasi!” During the ensuing commotion, Anwar was escorted safely away from the scene.

Riot police with water cannon had sealed off the area.

More police and several FRU trucks arrived at the ceramah venue even after it was over. The crowd dispersed but a couple of people were believed to have been arrested.

Which raises the question, why are the authorities so afraid of allowing Anwar to speak?

This report from Anwar Ibrahim’s blog:

Dari Keadilan Daily

Lebih 5,000 rakyat pelbagai lapisan kaum hadir program pelancaran Kempen Tolak kes Fitnah II anjuran KEADILAN di perkarangan Pusat Khidmat Rakyat Ahli Parlimen Gombak, Taman Melawati di sini, malam ini.

Seperti kelaziman, program anjuran KEADILAN itu dihalang polis hingga menyebabkan majlis yang dijadual bermula jam 9 malam ditangguh kira-kira sejam.

Polis dikatakan hanya membenarkan sesi ucapan selama 30 minit sahaja, menyebabkan pegawai kepada Timbalan Presiden KEADILAN, Mohamed Azmin Ali terpaksa berunding dengan polis Ampang.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Ketua Pembangkang turut muncul hingga menggamatkan hadirin.

Bagaimanapun, polis hanya membenarkan Anwar memberi ucapan selama 15 minit sahaja, malah mematikan pembesar suara dan mengheret Ketua Umum KEADILAN itu turun dari pentas, hingga menimbulkan kemarahan orang ramai.

Kehadiran polis, FRU hanya menyebabkan kekecohan berlaku
Pada jam 11.30 malam, polis menyerbu ke arah orang ramai hingga menimbulkan kekecohan sedangkan program itu, asalnya berlangsung aman.

Suasana terus kecoh dan tiga orang dipercayai ditahan polis.

Dalam pada itu, seorang wartawan Free Malaysia Today, Fazy Sahir cedera terkena lontaran kerusi dalam suasana kecoh itu.

Kempen itu dinamakan sebagai ‘DNA’ atau ‘Datuk Najib-Altantuya’ bertujuan mengupas perkembangan terkini kes yang dihadapi Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan fitnah terbaru mengenai rakaman video seks yang didalangi Umno melalui ‘Datuk T’.

Turut hadir dalam ceramah ialah Ahli Parlimen Balik Pulau, Yusmadi Yusoff dan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Hulu Klang, Saari Sungib.

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… UMNO and Perkasa are showing how intolerant they have become.

Gerakan K

Anil, I just received some odd info (only related to opposition) for Sarawak election. It is up to you to publish or not.

Opposition to win the election: 30.00
Opposition to lose all seats: 20.00
PKR to win 5 seats or more: 5.00
DAP to win 10 seats or more: 12.00
DAP able to retain all seats in previous election: 4.00
PAS to win 3 seats or more: 12.00
No Pakatan multi-corners fight: 7.00

Gerakan K



These are deliberate distractions. Hundreds of billions of RM are flowing out in illegal transfers alone. Then there are the funds of those who have given up – investors and individuals. Even GLCs are investing overseas though it is none of their permitted business.


It looked from the video the Malays are (not) genetically stupid as claimed by one in his book the Malay Dilemma. The Malays now know what is right and wrong, what is the truth and what are lies. Why is the Government scared of Anwar delivering his speech and telling his version of his story? Clearly, they have something so sinister to hide. The latest video is definitely to the advantage of Anwar and PR. This is a lousy move by UMNOsaja against PR. The Rakyat are fed up to be fed with lies day after day in the MSM,… Read more »

Pak Tim

You mean come GE14. Last election was GE13. The incumbent lost but they still formed the government. Go figure.

Gerakan K

What is wrong with our police stopping the illegal assembly ???

With such huge gathering, who knows if they wanted to do something that threatening the safety of general public ???

I heard someone mentioning “rule of law” before my comment. That is it. The police is trying to maintain the “rule of law”.

That gathering got police permit or not ???


This proves that Gerakan is incompetent. What illegal when it is a cermah which starts at 9pm and when Anwar started to speak at 11.30pm, Gerakan here start to snake the law into an illegal gathering? Gerakan Government with is pHD and Dr taikoh are all bozos.

Gerakan K

Maybe my bad. Actually I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

By the way, why anwar always operating in his way and not legitimate way via proper police permit for huge gathering ???

At least you can organize such huge gathering in a stadium with proper security measures. Pakatan has done this before in the stadium for huge gathering.

But this time I think they just push for illegal way in order to fish public supports.


Can you tell us on how many occasions have the opposition managed to get a permit. Can you also confirm that every bn/ perkasa gathering have a police permit?

Gerakan K

Sure, such huge *political* and *emotional* gathering in open space will have difficulty to get police permit.

In my opinion, even 10 FRU trucks can’t control few thousands people.

But the question is, why not pick the gathering location in a closed stadium instead ???

Andrew I

Sure, such huge *political* and *emotional* gathering in open space will have difficulty to get police permit.

Probably explains why others don’t need a permit. Their gatherings are “must show face one for future back skratch”.

Pak Tim

Any indication the gathering was becoming a threat to public safety? More like a threat to the ruling party looks like. How much are you getting paid trolling here? What a waste public money.


If only they would do this to the extreme Perkasa.


I thought i want to have some rest this morning, a Saturday morning but the news made my blood boiling…

To begin with, it looks like Beng Hock’s inquiry is like getting no where…

Cant help but feel like if Mr Justice James Foong and the other panelists are sincere to get to the truth of Beng Hock’s death???

About Sodomy II, we have our judge reversed his earlier decision….!!!

Then, come the sex video… It is ok to watch porn video … but when Anwar speaks, all hell breaks loose…

Gerakan K

Your blood boiling for what ??? That Ah Beng RCI is OK what. That Foong and his team is doing a perfect job revealing some important info and weaknesses in MACC. Enough for future improvement for MACC. And I suspect you don’t follow the RCI recent updates and talk nonsense here. In sodomy case #2, I too suspect you don’t follow-up the reason for the reversal of decision. Please check the online news for the reasons mentioned by the judge. For the sex video, the police already recorded the statement by the T group and you have to wait for… Read more »


Boiling for my tax goes to Gerakan Government for fishing ikan bilis but eating shark fin soup!!! No wonder Gerakan Government is so incompetent and only good in bullying poor rakyat…

Gerakan K

What are you talking about ??? Ikan bilis ??? Shark fin soup ??? What Gerakan government ??? There are BN federal government (* clap clap clap*) and BN states government. Wakeup, my friend. There is no more BN state government in Penang. Currently all incompetent cases in Penang are under the leadership of DAP. DAP is in charge now until next GE. Any unhappiness in Penang state affairs should be directed to DAP and its CM ie LGE. Next time when LGE is making a speech, you can raise your hands there and throw all your complaints there. Can you… Read more »


Clearly Gerakan K is incompetent. The subject is about weakness of MACC which is clearly revealed in RCI and the taikoh is Gerakan/UMNO Government at Federal level. … That is why Gerakan at state level in Penang is kaput and we are waiting to fall like D24 durian at federal level.


An innocent man has the human rights to speak to clear his name, but the fears of the malices are too much to bear! And the purveyors of private sex videos are still on the loose while this innocent-until-proven-guilty man is harassed like nobody’s business. Such is the warped law of civilized Zimbabweeee Bolehland!


Injustice and bullying tactics plus … oppression on its citizen. Seen too many times before…sickening Gov’t with sickening action.

Sorry Anil, side step abit, just read our nation porn King from MCA-CS 3-Leg, now ask Anwar to proof he is not the one in sex video. What moron and stupidity plus dangerous precedence that innocent people must proof innocent whenever others try to sue, especially from enemies. This … no shame, no morale idiot CSL thinks everyone is like him. Disgusted, just by looking at his Jibby face.


he wants to have as company – CSL ‘shy’ to be in spotlight alone

Andrew I

He also wants a sequel to his prequel.

Andrew I

Father knows best:

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?


I will never forget M’s words in 1998: “Saya ada bukt yang kukuh”.

Gerakan K

I will never forget anwar word in 2008: “We have the numbers”

I too never forget some pr supporters jumping ups and downs celebrating that “numbers”.

Here is one of example: September 16, 2008: We are ready, says Anwar (

Andrew I

Didn’t know you had such a long and selective memory. You a Nurse in the House?


Provided he wear a skirt…….

Or KTK wanna do this trick


Anwar is our man ! He is the next Malaysian PM….

Enough is enough..!

Gerakan K

Still PM in waiting or September 16 project #2 ??? If you got insider info for September 16 project #2, please let us know.

He is the next Malaysian PM, in your dream, of course. 1Malaysia PM Najib is my PM now in reality and hopefully in next few terms.


UMNO believes that Anwar will be the next PM. Otherwise they didn’t have to use the full machinery … to bully ONE MAN – Sodomy I, Sodomy II, Doctor in the House, and now Datuk T.

It is all in the mind. And it is really wonderful that all of UMNO believes it!!!!

Gerakan K

Of course anwar can be our PM as LGE is our Penang CM. But he has to clear all court cases first.

“Fitnah” or not, it is up to the learned judges.

Finally, do you support LGE as standby PM if anwar unable to do it due to any reason.


If UMNO believes you will be PM they will be haunting u!!!

Andrew I

Unlikely. He’s got no substance.

But then again….

Gerakan K

Substance ??? I have no interest in all sort of substances and illegal things.

Seong just make a normal analogy and not indicate me as the pm or has pm material.

Please lah, stop trolling in anil blog.

Your anwar position as pm in waiting remain intact and no one can replace him in that position.

Do you agree LGE as the standby PM-in-waiting in case anwar can’t make it ???

Andrew I

Who would you agree to as standby PM-in-waiting after Najib?

Judging by history, your odds would be worse than mine.


Well with or without Malaysiakini, I will soldier on!
Sometimes, it is almost impossible to control one’s temper with an immoral UMNO govt…what they did were beyond all human decency. Not an excuse to use foul language but, a reason to fend my frustrations!

I was forced to take my “Early Retirement” by Malaysiakini…hahaha! I have only one speed and I gear and I will not be apologetic to the UMNO goons.
Personally, I think moderation on comments is okay, barring because of using “flowery” language is going over the top, right Pope Anil?!


Malaysiakini has no galls to display comments of truthful expression of justice and right thinking Malaysians. Sometimes, they allow nincompoop’s comments to surface which is very inconsistent and questionable of it’s editorial standards. Such appalling editing standard of Malaysiakini!
I seldom want to drop by at Malaysiakini except when once in a blue moon Anil’s blog is jammed!

kamsari jais

Actually monsterball also kena reprimanded by malaysiakini.

Anybody has a price….


Enough is enough!… 53 years of abuses by … the ruling administration … Don’t allow these Umno cowards enjoy their devilish intentions… Patience has a limit…

Sammy Boy

Our police are in such a mess because our leaders do not follow the rule of law, have no respect for human rights and lack moral principles. Fearing that they may lose the 13th GE,… the police (are being used) as cat’s paw to intimidate, oppress and crush the opposition.


Polis is super efficient when comes to handle the opposition.

If only they coud be half as efficient in tackling Datuk T.


if only they can this swift in dealing with the rampant crimes.
so next time if u want them to appear in your area, anwar lookalike (as in the sex video) must be there 1st.


Hasri: If only they coud be half as efficient in tackling Datuk T.

That will make my HALF-day and my tax paying worth it’s weight in gold!
And I will not hesitate a milli-second to support the PDRM for any super efficiency poll by the public.
BUT before I start dreaming, it’s time for rainy afternoon Kopi-O kau kau at my favorite kopitiam to drain my mind of any iota of positive expectation of our men in blue.

Lim BC

I think next time PKR should consider screening porn movies instead, there will no police, no FRU.

Gerakan K

I think that the alleged anwar sex video should be allowed for public viewing so that we the general voting public can assess and voting accordingly during any election. Let people be the judge.

I swear I will not vote CSL even he is my area ADUN or MP candidate in any election.

Andrew I

“I swear I will not vote CSL even he is my area ADUN or MP candidate in any election.”

It’s like calling a gift free. 🙂

Gerakan K

I know you will vote anwar even that alleged video and another 18 videos as allegedly claimed by someone are indeed as claimed.

That is what a hardcore supporter will do.

Andrew I

Don’t be so presumptuous. We haven’t even met yet.


I heard that Chua is coming to Gopeng as candidate. He’s for a surprise!

Anyway, I personally meet Ong Ka Chuan together with my parents when I was a teenage……HE’S SUCH A CHICKEN…

Andrew I

Original or hot and spicy?


If this is the way to go: screening private sex videos for the voters to ‘see’ so as to vote ‘shiok-shiok’ for BeeEnd…. Anyway, no polis action mah!


As usual, bend the law as you see fit. BN stylo.

Andrew I

Don’t forget to inform the press.


It’s so pitifully personal, like ex-lovers who can’t get over each other.

Andrew I

Of course, it’s personal, Sean. There’s a thin line between love and hate. Take Gherkin K and myself, for example. You need someone to affect you enough to be creative.


10 FRU trucks?? Our govt going bonkers!