Convoy to Kamunting to call for release of ISA detainees


The campaign to secure the release of the remaining 45 ISA detainees continued today with a convoy to the Kamunting Detention Centre.

The protest outside the Kamunting Detention Centre – Photograph: Haziq Abdullah

Hundreds of people, in a convoy of cars and motobikes, headed for the Detention Centre this morning, reported NashitaMN in a tweet.

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Gerakan K
Gerakan K
15 Jul 2012 6.46pm

You are talking about ISA detainees not ordinary citizens. Are you sure those ISA detainees are HARMLESS to society ??? Even ISA is gone, the police and AG need time to assess what to do with those detainees. To charge them under different act or out right release them ??? It takes time. But one thing is sure, you have to ask yourself, why you have been arrested under ISA in first place ??? I believe it is better for the police and AG to play safe than sorry. It only takes one Osama to plan a horrible 911 for… Read more »

Andrew I
Andrew I
15 Jul 2012 9.02pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

I see you’re quite hardworking these days, Gherks. All these protests must be giving you and your pals a headache. You know, if you add all these people up, the numbers are beginning to swell. And if what you say is true, that all these people are pakatan, you have a vocal majority.

16 Jul 2012 9.28am
Reply to  Gerakan K

Nacheap lie again just like he lie about not implementing hudud.

Now UMNO is calling for hudud to be implemented for ALL Malaysian (Muslim & Non Muslim)

Ahmad Sobri
Ahmad Sobri
15 Jul 2012 5.40pm

What the ISA is still in force?

Wasn’t ISA abolished in Najib’s transformation plan? Where is GELAKAN’s ( Islamisation) voice on this issue? “I’ll be more assertive” BN Chairman of Penang? Where is your voice on this issue? MCA/MIC? Don’t waste time!

Not nice to see PM Najib saying one thing and doing another. What are the ISA detainees continued being held? Someone sabotaging Najib’s efforts as usual?

Just what is happening?

15 Jul 2012 4.41pm

Najib said ISA will be abolished.

Janji ditepati?

Wah lao! even the slogan for Hari Merdeka is suspected!