Blogger Jed Yoong investigated for sedition


First it was bloggers Raja Petra and Sheih Kickdefella investigated for sedition.

Now it’s the turn of Jed Yoong, who was hauled up and questioned. Four police personnel also arrived at her house and confiscated her laptop, its power cable, a desktop CPU, a router and a modem, according to Jed in her blog. She was told she was being investigated for sedition.

Jed argued that her blog was not particularly influential, compared to the mainstream media. “I strongly feel it is ludicrous and absurd to say that I can even influence anyone what more incite racial hatred or any sort of hatred towards anyone,” she wrote in her blog. “If anyone is hateful, they will be so without reading my blog.’

She added in a statement posted on her blog that she had been asked to go to Bukit Aman tonight for a second round of interrogation.

Meanwhile, Ahirudin Atan (Rocky) reports that he was “interviewed” yesterday afternoon “following a police report lodged in Sg Petani recently against certain comments left by visitors to his blog under the article “Glass and Diamond, and a Silver Jubilee”. The blog posting was written on 14 Feb at the height of the Perak state assembly crisis.

Over in Selangor, the MB’s office said in a press release that the state government has agreed to allow Elizabeth Wong’s leave to continue until police investigations are completed.

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Toyol nephew

quick someone call uncle Toyo — he can help.
JY don’t need to eat curry with no chilli.


To be honest, my initial reaction to Jed Yoong’s predicament was “Serves her Right” – after all the attacks she wrote on Teresa Kok, Anwar Ibrahim, Jerit Cyclists, Hindraf, Eli Wong, etc. – as a matter of fact she seems very Pro-establishment and Pro-PDRM in her previous writing.

But she has a right to express her opinion without such intimidation from the police.

So she deserves our support.

R.Prem Kumar

Sedition my foot! Its a scare tactic….


I bookmarked quite a few blogs but Jed Yoong’s been taken out a while back because she doesn’t seem to have substance in her most of her writings. Therefore, I tend to agree that another sandiwara is on hand.

Looks like PDRM is getting really desperate. They know that they have lost all credibility but as a …., they have to continue to do what they do best ie hassling all opposition parties by whatever means, fair or foul, at the behest of their master, the warlord Najib and his empire.

Sedition against Jed is nothing but curry without chilli.

Legal Eagle

>>This is just a show, both Jed Yoong and Ahiruddin Atan are pro BN bloggers, I found JED’s piece about Eli Wong most distasteful.<<<

that’s right.
unfortunately, the johor umno guy didn’t know abt Jed.

Jed Yoong – i have no sympathy with her -particularly the trash she has written about anwar, LKS and the alliance in general. JY is also very pro Khir Toyo.


Vijay, everybody knows Rocky is a closet Mahathirite and therefore to be taken with a large spoonful of salt. As for Jed, her political stance has always appeared ambiguous (reminds me of Baradan Kuppusamy) but I couldn’t find the piece on Eli Wong you mentioned. Care to provide a link?

Dr. Adrian Wong

I once had a conversation with Jed Yoong and I was NOT impressed at all.

She was not at all interested in verifying the facts of a particular tip and actually asked to have the whole story handed to her on a platter. Hardly a hallmark of a conscientious journalist / blogger.

Even if any of her sources were to spoonfeed her, she should still verify the facts through other means.

Frankly, you cannot put her on the same pedestal as RPK or Kickdefella.


…UMNOmyouth commits sedition (often) and we don’t hear about you investigating them.

The police and the MACC are UMNO’s…. They are so …. that they interviewed the Perak Speaker for doing his work.

I can understand if is to do with his private capacity but definitely not in his capacity as Speaker of Perak Assembly.

***** *****


The game has just become sophisticated. Shouldn’t just trust anyone as ‘friendly’ simply because he or she was hauled up for questioning. We see such ploys to convert an undercover agent into friendlies in movies often enough. Some of their hard discs are now rich with intel for harvesting. Just be careful. Cookies and IPs are traceable. Don’t post comment when you are not prepared to face the consequences. Sorry for the wet blanket.

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

This is just a show, both Jed Yoong and Ahiruddin Atan are pro BN bloggers, I found JED’s piece about Eli Wong most distasteful.
So later when they crackdown on pro opposition blogs , they can say that they are impartial.

I am inclined to think that this is a set up to divert from for publishing the piece about speaker Sivakumar…
…Go investigate, it is full of (allegedly) seditious authors and commentators.


Only Malaysia …. Truly Malaysia …. Malaysians do you want to wait another 50 or 4 years to wake up ? We missed the chance 12th GE,now with these by elections around,at least those voting have a choice to wake up or otherwise …
Stay Strong JED !


Umno especially the youth is using the royalty as ammunition to discredit the govt of 4 states to try to topple them. Already Perak is down. The latest is by umno youth in Kedah. Isnt the action of using the royalties by the umno/youth in itself an insult to the royalties?

Jed Yoong

Hey Anil, Tks for this. Really appreciate it. Hope you are keeping well. Thanks again. Warmest regards, Jed Yoong


All the police have achieved is draw 10,000 times more traffic to Jed’s blog. And the feisty lass will emerge from this holographic ordeal proudly wearing the badge of a Malaysian heroine. Breathe deep & easy, Jed. Just be yourself.


Another Ahmad in penang buat kacau see macceral blog


And the 980 thousand ringgit worth of simple repairs.. are the mechanics so expensive in KT ? Does police need to service their card when outstation when they have their own mechanic shop?

I fear the Najib …


This Umno Scare tactics lah. Hope God Bless us all MALAYSIAN


Aha….another case of ‘kill a cat to scare the monkeys’. (to explain – If the monkeys from the jungle disturb your house, kill a cat because it is easier to catch one, strip off it’s skin and hang it for the full view of the monkeys. The monkeys, thinking it is their own monkey, will not dare to come near your house again.)


How come the police and MACC not investigating the RM6 million spent on tents?

Product of the System

“They came first for the Communists,and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.”


This is nothing more than plain police intimidation. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Dr. Mahathir and UMNO can say anything. The King was even called names by UMNO Terengganu after last March’s general elections. And the police now confiscate Jed Young’s computer? For what? Police got no real criminal to catch, is it?