Australia’s Parliament condemns refugee swap deal


Australia’s House of Representatives this morning passed a motion condemning the Australian federal government over its plan to send 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia. It is the first time after a long while that both Houses of Parliament have condemned a government policy decision.

The motion was passed by a 70-68 margin.

Greens MP Adam Bandt proposed the motion, supported by the opposition coalition and two independents.

“This is a government which if it persists with the Malaysian people swap, is acting in clear defiance of the Parliament. Now, we are in unchartered waters here. I suppose it is then up to Members and Senators to decide what further sanctions they wish to apply against the Government,” Opposition coalition leader Tony Abbott was reported as saying.

Imagine, the Australian government is trying to get the UNHCR to agree to the swap arrangement but their own Parliament (both Houses) has condemned the deal!

Full story in ABC.

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Yen Yen’s ministry spent billions on advertisements and trade shows to sell Malaysia, a truly asian country in order to bring in tourists. All these money is a waste if we cannot even welcome our visitors properly, worse, this type of bad publicity. Big signs and stickers on Immigration counters saying senyum….but observe our public servants serving the people, “they give us the we owe them money type of look” We spent money on look east, but we never learnt the way to treat our guests. If you had visited HK or Shenzen, you’ll be surprised on the efficiency and… Read more »

Andrew I

Apparently, the cabinet has accepted Yen Yen’s “explanation”:

MCA, the explaining party…because most of us are either very ignorant or stupid. You choose.

Kaki pulau

Ms. Gillard is having a hard time because Australians believe in democracy but here, our lips are sealed because we are denied information. The Malaysian mainstream media omits to publish reactions to such agreements, keeping Malaysians in the dark for as long as they can. If that doesn’t work, the heavy weaponry of the OSA, ISA, PPA, MMTCA and Police etc will be used to gag any who dare to disclose these “secrets” that only Malaysians are not allowed to know, but what is common knowledge outside Malaysia. We are imprisoned in ignorance under a gigantic coconut shell and may… Read more »


High court action could undermine the refugee deal between Australia and Malaysia. Australians simply do not trust … this immoral UMNO/BN administration and they definitely, would not like to see their Aussie money going to (them)!!


Australia lady PM may loose her job!…there maybe a move to bring Kevin Rudd back. She has lost support from both houses…. if the idea is dropped, UMNO jerks will not see the 230 million allocated for this infamous proposal by Labor PM and her men!
This time, “Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu” did not work. Perhaps, she has not learned the deceptive … ways from UMNOputras to goreng her comrades.

Anil Netto

Latest: Australia's Parliament condemns refugee swap deal

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ANIL NETTO: Australia’s Parliament condemns refugee swap deal: Australia’s House of Representatives this morning…


these 800 asylum seekers able to meet Msia’s Talent Search ? or simply to meet that so-called ‘quota” ????

Gerakan K

… Condem, condemn and condemn. Tapi polisi itu diteruskan juga. You boleh bising-bising macam tong kosong sahaja.


vote this pickle out.

Kaki pulau

Siapa tong kosong, you saja yang bising, tak tau dailog atau bagi pandangan yang matang. Apa you tau? Tau bising saja?