Anwar lashes out at his treatment


Read his press statement here.

An incredulous Australian friend sent me an email this afternoon:

“Anwar’s plight is still a topic on the news here. Arrested by hooded and armed police it seems. I wonder if those that are behind these tricks know what it all looks like from a distance? That he has been taken away for DNA testing has also been reported.”

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Another thing, why send police to arrest him ? Well, Anwar’s strategy is transparent. He wanted to create another drama on the international media by resisting arrest. So he can be seen dragged from his home by “brutal cops”.

Well, that didn’t work out since cops ain’t no idiots. So our ex-DPM is upset. People tend to forget that the police had arrest warrant and they could arrest him anytime. Had he coorporated with police, this would have happened.

BTW expect HKL to sue Anwar for defamation for claiming he was stripped and measured.


Folks The new DNA is being sought as DSAI has already claimed that the police will manipulate the evidence. Using a 10 year old DNA will be accused by Anwar using the same reasoning. Even a child will tell you this. Are we Malaysians that dumb ? Why police report not shown ? Why should the police do that ? Does Anwar have the right ? Remember, he is just being investigated and NOT charged (yet). I think people are forgetting the fact that Anwar has been evading the police and behaving irrationally since this allegation arose. Recall any leaders… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

One more “own goal” by the current regime i.e.
making fools of themselves in the eyes of world opinion!

Some people are trying to be Machiavellian but they sure ain’t no
Stalin or Mao.

Concerned Citizen


Why wants Dato Seri DNA, .. his blood?

Why no police report given to Dato Seri? Or the final report be produced once his DNA is taken?

Why the police, KJ and the BN governm insist on the DNA? They have discussed about this before??

Why sent 20 commandos to arrest Dato Seri? Wants to get global attention and scare away foreign investors?

How about the Lingam cases, Najib, and lots more follow? Why being silent on them? Anwar liwat case serves as a distraction?

There are lots of ? ? ? ? which are unanswered.


DNA tests The onus on the person charged It isn’t the right of the Police By law it is only for the basic medical check-up Anwar has his right to refuse Knowing how the transparency works Any person of his standing will not agree Unless the accountability establishes in the police Even the CID director claimed Anwar won’t show up So the police used 10 cars to arrest him An excuse the public find hard to believe When Anwar was in ACA office to give his statement When Anwar requested for the police report It is denied to him as… Read more »


To The Yawning, we get your sort of scepticism by the throatful 24/7. You should be writing in the msm. I’m sure they’ll be more appreciative of your regurgitations.


Why they still need Anwar DNA? That’s a good question….

Concerned Citizen

Anwar is not a silly goons like those ones standing opposite him; MH, BM, SA, KJ, PL, NR and the recent, AS.

The police was giving hard time to Dato Seri. Made him to stay at their 5 star hotel then the next day morning took a 30 minutes interview before letting him go. Can’t they did it the night before?

I believe our police forces is efficient, extremely efficient.


Thanks for updates.!
Please continue updates !


Why they still need Anwar DNA ? Don’t they had it in their file/record during the last failed sodomy charge or ….


Oops, sorry. It hasn’t happened yet. She’s still making up her mind. One thing I’ve learnt, especially when it comes to home grown politics, is never count your chickens before they’re hatched.

The Yarning

but he exercised his right to refuse a DNA sample from being taken from him. The strip search and cold-hard floor, I’d say they’re pretty standard procedures associated with a charge / investigation of this nature. I see this as classic Anwar playing victim to get the international’s sympathy to his cause.

Isa X

Anwar for your sake for our nation’s sake, for truth sake we will sleep on the streets until justice attain. A trial is not just and any more imprisonment be it temporary as it may. Summons us (Rakyat)God Willing we will beckon at any cost. We are fed up with high handedness injustice and blatant disregard of us and the constant harassment of you and your family.


Oh yes, the first crossover has just happened. I wonder why the msm didn’t acknowledge that Anwar’s prediction of MPs from the BN crossing over is coming true.


Some MP was having a hard time keeping his hair on when raising his dissatisfaction over the new PSD quota in Parliament today. If he keeps it up, he might just end up with a stroke. He should relax because when PR takes over, there’ll be enough for everyone. Ask Raja Petra.