Anwar works behind the scenes … and waits


Let’s see what happens tomorrow at the emergency supreme council meeting. Umno seems to be facing a leadership crisis. The sand in the hourglass is emptying rapidly for Abdullah.

And all the while, Anwar is waiting and working behind the scenes. . Having missed two self-imposed deadlines, he appears to be adopting a different approach: keeping a lower profile, while waiting to spring a surprise. Here’s something I wrote today for Asia Times:

PENANG – Malaysia’s political opposition insists its plan to topple Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s government is still on track, as doubts emerge about the credibility of those claims after it missed two self-set deadlines for ushering in political change.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim had set September 16, Malaysia’s national day, as the deadline for his People’s Alliance coalition to take over the federal government through parliamentary defections to his camp. When that deadline passed, with Anwar claiming he had the required number of parliamentary defections secured, he set a new September 23 deadline for Abdullah to call an emergency sitting of parliament to hold a no-confidence motion he claimed would bring down the government. Full article

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Devan, I’m with you bro and the same to the other commenters. DSAI what we want is change and just do it in the way you deem appropriate in collaboration with the other PR coalition members. May the LORD above bless and guide you and PR.

cheers people


Today the … superman council of UMNO are meeting to discuss the power transaction. Who are this group to decide on the PM and DPM of Malaysia??????? What I understand is The Agung appoints the person who commands the majority of MPs in Parliament… this case its DSAI and PR. It also shows that MCA,MIC,gerakan,PPP are ALL just NOT involved in the decision making.They are all puppets … looking for bones and left overs!!! Its ONLY UMNO that is ruling this country and makes all the decisions. Its really an insult that this group of about 25 … decide on… Read more »


Emergency UMNO meeting Hustling of transition plan Forgetting about the forces at the gates Inching closer to get the title UMNO on the road of nowhere The sins of their fathers come to pay Nothing will be less…………….. The dying party sinking with holes The years of abuses Of wealth and corruption Of power and forgetting the rules The sins of their fathers come to pay Racial base parties It isn’t the way forward for the country It is better it evolves into multi-racial wheel It moves with the masses………… Anwar Ibrahim You couldn’t meet your target You wanted to… Read more »


I don’t mind waiting. I only started waiting when Datuk Anwar decided to run for office…!
I did not wait for 51yrs coz nobody could & had the guts to run against them…!
No choice coz I m born & bred in Malaysia.
I believe he can do it. Just compare Anwar & our PM lah…! Then judge for yourself.
Things HAVE to change. And it WILL…!


The fire has already been lit and darkness cannot overcome it.

There is nothing BN can do to prevent this change from happening and it is only a matter of time that BN will find itself consumed by this fire of change which was lit by the rakyat on March 8.

Makka Sakthi!!!


“as doubts emerge about the credibility of those claims after it missed two self-set deadlines for ushering in political change.”

Not sure whether it is accurate to say two self-set deadlines but rather 916 was the actual date he said for political change.

The second date was asking the PM to have an emergency session in Parliament. So technically its one self-set deadline for ushering in political change.


916 …
We’d keep on dreaming, keep on struggling, and keep on believing that someday our dreams will come true.


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awaiting n praying
The Lord is my tower
Right now on the driver’s seat


the bn dont seems to get the message simply cos they are power hungry.they fear RPK firstly and secondly DSAI,for he is going to dig up all the X files of these leaders.when lingams saga could srface after 10 years, am sure all the corrupction will also surface>DSAI has a point to prove to the raakyat to get whole hearted support.plainly put the bn is buying time to cover their butts.this also goes to all govt. servants who have een involved with injustice. bn is split.


just wait and this flip flop giant will crumble in no time, just like:

1. Our Economy,
2. Our Life,
3. Our Currency,
4. Our Education
5. Our Racial bond
6. Our Peaceful Coexistance.

Just wait and all the king’s horses and the king’s men, couldn’t put **** Head together again.