Anwar locked in a battle of wills


This is something I wrote today:

POLITICS-MALAYSIA: Opposition leader unfazed by new sodomy charges
Analysis by Anil Netto

PENANG, Jul 22 (IPS) – Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s de facto opposition leader, is locked in a political battle of wills with ruling coalition leaders and determined to wrest federal control despite fresh charges of sodomy brought up against him.

Anwar hopes that parliamentary defections from the ruling Barisan Nasional (National Alliance) will enable the three-party opposition People’s Alliance to seize power by Sep.16 — but so far there has been little to show. For the full article, click here.

Here are a few other articles you might find relevant or interesting:

In ‘Conquering and vulnerable: Anwar’s predicament and ours’, Khoo Boo Teik looks at how Anwar has come to personify many dissident, even conflicting tendencies. His two different images – that of a conquering political leader and frequently disabled politician – capture society’s current predicament. We have moved towards more open dissent; and yet we are unsure if we can really achieve a more open political system.

One article that has struck a chord among many Malaysians – judging by how widely it is being circulated on the Internet, including on Facebook – is Farish Noor’s ‘The boring yet necessary thing called Governance’.

Finally, Dr Chris Anthony, a practising surgeon, takes a look at whether proper procedure was followed during Anwar’s medical examination in “Was Anwar stripped and measured?”

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23 Jul 2008 10.23pm

Sorry for going off topic, but since there’s no email contact or contact form on the website, I don’t know how else to share.

A must watch for any serious town planner/social activist/environmental advocate.

Talks Majora Carter: Greening the ghetto

If you think your neighborhood is bad, then the Bronx, in supposedly the greatest country in the world, is even worst.

Mr. Mugam
Mr. Mugam
23 Jul 2008 1.57pm

Based on my opinion, many had commented on the high handed manner in which DSAI was arrested, and basically most of the negative manners are reflected to the police. If I were to understand fully of this issue, I have to consider two side of the stories given. If we were to assume that the police was going to get Anwar anyway, obvoiusly we will have to construe all the events through the lens of such assumption. If that case, could it be possible that the police in fact had good reasons to act as they did? Consider that DSAI… Read more »

23 Jul 2008 1.26pm

As always, nobody is right but Anwar. The police, judges, doctors, civil servant and even the army are cheating but him. Lest you forget, he was with UMNO before and embrace its culture wholeheartedly to rise up the ladder, controlled the media and also the circle of cronies.

Yes, Anwar is whiter than white!

A New Beginning
A New Beginning
23 Jul 2008 12.36pm

Anwar can rest assured that more than 50% of Msians are praying in silence for him. That itself is a good karma and it is growing by the days. I am very sure he will outlive the current PM, which is getting more and more bad karmas for all the blunders and misery bought upon the rakyat. The end is soon, this country needs that major leap in reforms to lead us into the next century.Without it, we are staring at being the next “sick man” of Asia. Ask any Filopinos and they will tell you of the misery bought… Read more »

selvaraja somiah
selvaraja somiah
23 Jul 2008 12.26pm

I hear from a very reliable source… that the police report Anwar lodged on the allege abuse of power by Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail with regards to his infamous “black eye” case, will see the first casualty….. (perhaps) Tan Sri Gani Patil? Wonder why UMNO is not trying to save Gani Patail on this?

Anyone care to take on this?

Anak Pulau Pinang
Anak Pulau Pinang
23 Jul 2008 9.44am

donplaypuks has very successfully provided the defense of DSAI with very clear and relevant facts on why there is no further need for DSAI to undergo another attempt to “collect” fresh DNA samples from him. The very fact that Badawi and his henchmen are calling for DSAI to allow the police to ‘collect” fresh samples is not due to sheer stupidity on their end (as Sleepyhead would want all to think) but is another shot at embarassing DSAI and more importantly, an attempt to get ‘fresh’ evidence which the … cops (could, if they wanted to) ‘implant’ into the “victim”,… Read more »

The Yarning
The Yarning
23 Jul 2008 5.08am

Good article by Prof Farish once again. A point to ponder though, the one leader who has been boring and dull and stay mostly out of all the colourful sandiwara – is ridiculed to be sleep-walking. Malaysians are such contradictions sometimes.

23 Jul 2008 1.29am

Dear Anil This is very informative. I am convinced that there is a serious CONSPIRACY afoot to frame DSAI!! “Malaysiakini Request for new DNA sample severely flawed WJS | Jul 22, 08 4:13pm To Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyers, please plan a proper strategy ahead as you guys have no clue how to defend your client. First of all, how can the police arbitrarily demand for your client’s DNA samples? Secondly, how can your client be subjected to medical examination when there is no evidence that anything has happened to the accuser? How can you guys allow your client to be branded… Read more »