Anwar meets his family briefly


After 42 days of imprisonment, Anwar managed to meet up with his family briefly when he appeared in the Syariah Court yesterday for his qazaf application.

Anwar in quiet moment with the family

As you can see, he is under the watchful eye of a team of uniformed personnel.

Out of sight, but still very much in the minds of many Malaysians.

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Most people have poor perception of PRDM, as they like to oppress opposition instead of fighting crime. Really no respect for the twitter cop IGP!


How pathetic! The family is given no privacy away from the glare of the police….


Real crime are on the rise, but more cybercos to check on virtual world?


This Saturday another parade on the deteriorating to organisation towers also to celebrate Najib’s daughter wedding lenders there?

Phua Kai Lit

I hope the YB will always remember the inspiring example of
Nelson Mandela and what he did for South Africa and it people.

gk ong

Just look at how Singaporeans queued as long as 8 hours under hot sun to pay their last respect to their founding father. Our YBs must ask themselves what they have contributed to rakyat to earn the respect.