Anwar drops by at the RPK trial (updated)


kkitsam was in court this morning on Day Three of the RPK trial and sends us this report:

I was there this morning. First time to court. Arrived there very early at 7.45am, wearing the uniform “I am with RPK”. The crowd grew bigger by the minute. From my chat with Marina, she said the cards sent to RPK on which were written “No to ISA” would not be passed to him. So from now on, I’m going to avoid that.

Our hero RPK arrived at around 8.30am. The crowd was happy to see him; some even said it’s better for him to be in court rather than in the Kamunting cell. I got to squeeze into the court room, and by 8.40am, the room was full, with many others standing at the back.

The trial started a bit late, at around 9.15am. In between, many people wished RPK, and Marina got to hold him as well. Of all the journalists there, only one reporter interviewed RPK (the only one foreign reporter) while the rest of them just sat there waiting for the trial to start. A few MPs came today – Ronnie Liu, followed by Lau Weng San – and surprisingly at 10.10am, Anwar and Azizah came in as well, much to the delight of RPK.

The trial took a break for 15mins at 10.25am, and I called it a day, went to work! Forgot to mention, during the trial, people were going out and others were coming in, non-stop. I guess there must have been around a hundred people, with 50 squeezed in the small room and others waiting outside for their turn to support RPK. A good show of support from all. Thank you everyone, a great day.

During the break, blogger Surind got a chance to meet RPK up close:

Meeting him today…  for the first time after he had been ISAed… was enough to make tears come to my eyes and for me to drop my guard… for a while.

I had to step to the side after hugging him and looking him in the eye because I did not want him to see me emotional and to see my teary eyes and weakened facial expression. I could not speak for a while because I knew my voice would give away what was going on inside me.

[email protected] takes up the story after the break:

Arrived at 10.30am. A crowd surged out of the court, cameras clickling away and I saw a journalist trip over. Something’s happening!

My word, the man himself – it was Anwar! He was rushing. A thought flashed through my mind: he’s supposed to be at Duta, right? I say, that’s why he’s rushing off.

It sure was a morale boster. I hope Anwar’s presence satisfies some queries about his support for RPK. Despite Anwar’s own tight schedule and a court case at Duta, he still made it a point to visit RPK; what more can one ask of him? Have faith, people. Be patient, and more importantly, don’t let anyone shake your commitment.

While the hearing is on, due to the packed court room, some other supporters were sitting out on benches in the compound. From a distance, it looked as if a group of people was waiting for some kind of cruise ship. I called it a “Cruise to A New Nation”.  Shared that thought with two other ladies, and we jokingly agreed – just like searching for new freedom in a new nation.

“POWER! People’s Power!” said Marina, as she emerged from the court house at about 12.15pm today. She spoke with conviction and no doubt, she meant it. She is more determined than ever to secure not only the freedom of RPK but she knows in her heart, it also means freedom for the rakyat (that’s my own personal impression).

More energy and vibes could be felt around the compound today. Marina’s family and close friends ended the day with an interview carried out by a foreign media station.

Surind rounds off the day:

After the proceedings were over for the day, we said our goodbyes… and as the police were taking Raja Petra back in the van, RPK’s supporters and I stood by the gate with our two large banners, shouting “Free Raja Petra!” and words of encouragement and support. We could not see inside the van because of the tinted windows, but I knew he would have been smiling and waving to us 🙂

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Dr. Hamid Ibrahim

21st Oct 2008 JUDICIAL INDEPDENCE – BRIBERTY, CORRUPTION AND ACCOUNTABILITY I forward herewith Press briefing by Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam, President of Transparency International Malaysia (TI-Malaysia), on the judicial independence survey done in Malaysia. Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) is an independent, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation committed to the fight against corruption. The organisation is committed to the achievement of a socially just and equitable society within a sustainable, plural democracy that is free of corruption. TI-M will, as the lead national anti-corruption organisation, promote the culture of zero corruption in public service, the private sector and civil society through advocacy,… Read more »


Well said Antares 🙂

Those chauvinistic & arrogant UMNO #@%[email protected]^#@ must pay!

Hope to see you next Monday morning. I usually pop in for the afternoon sessions, but seing how they have ended early the last 2 days, better pop in in the morning before going back to work.

Free RPK!


I’d be there every day for RPK if I didn’t live a 3-hr commute back & forth away. What struck me was the great spirit of camaraderie around the courthouse – good to spot so many in their Free RPK T-shirts. Met a guy who had “FREE RPK – ABOLISH THE ISA” embroidered on a dark blue shirt (he explained that he can’t wear collarless shirts to work, so he paid a few ringgit at Sungai Wang to get the slogan stitched on, what a resourceful guy!) While waiting for a chance to give RPK ahug and pass him a… Read more »


Day 4 Arrived 10.20am, court just reconvened 5 mins ago. As usual, the room was packed. Couldn’t get in. More ppl were present today and more new faces too. Great!! Keep em coming. Those outside the court house had the opportunity to mingle around great minds like Din Merican and the faithful bloggers. These are real rakyat who are down to earth and humble lot. A sense of euphoria was in the air as more and more ppl turning up each day. Inside the court house, each bench supposed to sit 5 ppl are now occupied by 7 ppl. Half… Read more »


Today THURSDAY 9.10.08.

A quick one.



I’m reading this piece late, but am happy , this is the most cheerful news in about the last 10 days, RPK will come out of it triumphantly, good to read that Anwar was there and Raja delighted.


Hi Enforcer, today ends earlier because the Judge was not feeling well. Marina had told us earlier that it’s going to end at 11am, but apparently after the 15mins break at 10.30am it resumes until 12. In the morning all went well, the judge was fair, the prosecution team were screwed many times, with their stupid question, and the way it goes, they seems to be dragging the case. For example, they ask the police witness “Bagaimana kamu pergi ke rumah RPK di Sg Buloh (2/5/08)?” RPK and the rest of us just shaking our heads, man if they don’t… Read more »

Candy Wong

tomorrow full day hearing, Friday half day only.


Can any bro out there help out?
What actually happened in the morning? Other then YB DSAI, YB KOK and a couple more came?
Was there around 1pm, so that there’s car park when all out for lunch. Then a couple of more guys and a gal came along for the afternoon session.
We waited till 2pm but nobody around except us. After enquiring at the counter we were told there’s no afternoon session but to continue tomorrow morning.
So the few of us just chatted around till 2.45pm and to meet up again tomorrow.


I take my hat to you,DSAI.


I know we are doing all these activities to boost RPK’s morale, and to try and pressure our DESPOTIC Govt. to free him. Do you think we can find someone (who can nominate) to nominate RPK for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE ?? this may be another way to free him from ISA. The conditions for nominating are as below:- Who may submit nominations? Each year between 150 and 200 different nominations are received of candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize. The number has risen steadily as the Prize has become increasingly globalized. There may occasionally be several thousand nominators behind… Read more »


Our spirit and strength are with you, RPK.
Hang in there.


Ppl, thanks Anil for allowing me to share in his blog, by the way, Anil have also corrected my spelling and grammer befor posting it. Embarrasing also but thanks Anil. See you guys tomorrow! Cheers.


Thanks for linking my post bro 😉

Candy Wong

It was great to see RPK, the hero, this morning. From his demeanour, the guy is in fighting form hehe. But Gobind’s loud and hectoring way with the witness would have been more effective if he had not been so bad in Malay. Please please can Gobind just spend ONE NIGHT brushing up his Malay istilah, once and for all, seeing as these Malay legal terms are what he needs to use EVERY DAY as a lawyer anyway? When he objected to the reexamination, it became clear to the court that Gobind was the only one, of the judge, counsel… Read more »


Hi Anil, i was there this morning. First time to court. Arrived there very early at 7.45am wearing the uniform “I AM WITH RPK”. The crowds grew bigger by minutes. From my chat with Marina, she said the cards send to RPK which written “NO TO ISA” will NOT be pass to RPK, so right from now on, i’m going to avoid that. Our hero RPK arrived around 8.30 am, the crowd was happy to see him, some even said it’s better for him in court rather than stay in Kamunting cell. I get to squeeze in the court room… Read more »

Eagle has landed

Hidup RPK. Hidup RPK. Hidup RPK!!!!!!!!!
“Where-ever law ends,tyranny begins” watch out Malaysians.
Release all ISA detaines nowwwwwwww!!!!


We’re up north in Penang but our thoughts & prayers are with all of you who are physically present at the court. Thank you for the daily updates!


Acording to Star report, RPK’s trial will commence on Thursday which means tomorrow is off. Take care and Cheers. Come on Thursday?


Never doubt a moment, Anwar will show up, if he can. I am sure, RPK was delighted and appreciated his kind gesture. … both the cases running simultaneously,… split the attendance of the supporters in two different courts.
True believers, have faith in your heroes, continue with your support.

Nick V

Hi, Anil. ~ Would be love to write to Marina. Do happen to have her address? I only have NO. 5, Jalan BRP 5/5, Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh. Do u happen to have the complete address with postcode?

Much Thxs if u can accommodate or know someone who can share this with me.

p.s. I was there at the courthouse on Day 1. Kind of sad to see so few but yet it is understandable being a working day and things just being the way they are. God Bless to Malaysia.

Egg Banjo

could not be there but my daily prayer is for rpk to go through the trial triumphantly


Thank you rakyat…your reporting much valued by the sarawakians..we pray that RPK will come out victrious….His victory is our victory..
we love you RPK..

lee wee tak

Did Anwar say something like, “hang on bro…your detention would last much longer now…” to RPK. I have taken to call him “The Raja” in my household because he is the Man.


wah anwar was also there