Anti-refugee swap protesters disrupt Australian minister’s speech


Protesters upset over a Malaysia-Australia refugee swap deal burst into a Sydney university yesterday and disrupted Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen’s speech on the government’s refugee programme.

They chanted, “Shame, Bowen, shame,” and “Free, free the refugees.”

Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.

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Malaysia under UMNO/Gerakan has lost control as who can come in or go out. Just look at JB and not to talk Thai and Sabah borders. Imagine no immigration officers to man the post and how can you blame visitors wanting to spend money in Malaysia.

Now many towns in Malaysia have many Javanese, Suluwasi, Banglas, Nepalese and Burmese. I have no issue with them provided they have proper documentation with control otherwise they go underground, jump ships and commit crimes and then come back in 2 years time to do the same as the crime consider unsolved.

Ting Pei

are u sure “then come back in 2 years time” ?

the bad ones more like coming back in 2 months time to create havoc like robbing, snatching, speeding, raping and various form of terror.

why ?

because our off-shores security (can sneak in with know-how) is questionable.


Everyone in Australia is aware Nairu solution for the illegal refugees is much more acceptable than … Malaysia who have no respect for human rights and compassion to these boarder-less miserable souls. The only thing that stood in the way for the Labor govt to accept Nairu was pride…simply because, it was the previous liberal coalition idea. Sadly, these refugees were made a political football…and choosing Malaysia is just a convenient solution for this unpopular lady PM gain political mileage but, it backfired!!!