Anti-GST protesters: Names of the 25 held overnight in Shah Alam


These were the 25 activists taken to the Shah Alam District Police Headquarters last night. Release them now!

  1. Megat Khairul Anuar Razali
  2. Suhaili Wan Azahar
  3. Azhar Achil
  4. Md Sani Md Shah
  5. Mohd Nasaie Ismail
  6. Ahmad Syukri Ab Razab
  7. Arul
  8. Suresh Kumar
  9. Muhammad Safwan Anang
  10. Akmal Noradzmi
  11. Edyes SAMM
  12. Dr Jeyakumar
  13. Nasir
  14. Khairol Najib
  15. Dr Hatta Ramli
  16. Che’gu Bard
  17. Pian
  18. Tan Chee Hooi
  19. Nagen
  20. Bawani
  21. Saras
  22. Sook Hwa
  23. Annie Ooi (Auntie Bersih)
  24. Nashita Md Noor
  25. A Jerit activist

What the GST sit-in protest at the Customs was all about yesterday:

Lawyers were denied access to the detainees:

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25 Mar 2015 2.03am

Something must certainly be wrong when a polite request for information by the people led by an elected and respected Member of Parliament is met with the application of coercion through the use of law enforcers.

Is coercion the proper reply to a request for information?

Not just that, arrests were made. And the people were remanded. Is this respect for the people or contempt for the people? I leave you to your judgment.

gk ong
gk ong
24 Mar 2015 4.33pm

Can Anil please list the GST questions that the people demand for answers from Kastam?

31 Mar 2015 12.40pm
Reply to  gk ong

I think Anil is as confused as you are, all because of the inefficiency of our Kastam.

80% of Malaysians don’t pay income tax….. now these will have to pay GST!

24 Mar 2015 2.50pm

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) is disturbed by the IGP’s recent statement on the events at the Customs office in Kelana Jaya. IGP claimed that the activists were “barbaric” and were “trespassing” into the Customs premises. PSM is puzzled how they can have been trespassing into a government building when they were visiting the public information GST counter on the ground floor of the building. Does it mean all citizens visiting the public information counter are trespassers?

24 Mar 2015 2.01pm

With IGP patrolling Twittersphere around-the-clock, action has been swift against the transgressions of opposition politicians and civil society leaders.

What happened to ‘Chinese burning Quran’ probe?

24 Mar 2015 11.29am

Anil in black t shirt today in silent protest over GST?
Spotted you across the street from 7-11but not able to say hello to you as you asked too fast 🙂

gk ong
gk ong
24 Mar 2015 11.09am

Meanwhile Najib can continue to remain silent (as usual) on hudud, this time thanks to the esxape route provided by Gerakan.

Greatest achievement by Gerakan Mah will be rewarded soon?