Another vigil for Anwar at Sungai Buloh


This is the scene at Sungai Buloh tonight.


Meamwhile, I am checking out a PKR ceramah in Pasir Gudang tonight.

Now Pasir Gudang used to be an Umno stronghold. But at GE13, Umno’s majority was whittled down to 935 votes. What will happen at GE14?

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gk ong

The Wall Street Journal called the verdict a “pyrrhic victory” for Umno, but said although BN succeeded in stopping Anwar’s political career, it had damaged the country’s reputation “as well as the fabric of society, and perhaps sealed its own fate at the next election”.

It said Umno’s “decades-long vendetta” against Anwar “brought discredit on Malaysia’s government and political culture”, adding that the two sodomy charges against the opposition leader had come at crucial junctures of his career.