Another death in custody in Penang


Lorry driver Agin Raj Sunmarkkan Naidu, 29, who was detained for suspected drug addiction, is the latest person to die in custody.

He was reportedly detained on 2 June and remanded for four days at the Bandar Perda police lock-up.

He was admitted to hospital on 5 June after suffering from fits.

He was charged with the theft of steel objects on 6 June, while he was in hospital, in the presence of a magistrate and interpreter. Bail was set for RM8000, but the family was unable to raise the amount nor did they have the time to find a lawyer.

He died on 7 June.

It is reportedly the seventh death in custody in six months in Penang.

And this is the third time in recent months that the Bandar Perda lock-up is being mentioned in such a case. Two earlier incidents in March and April 2014 were highlighted in a Suaram memorandum.

How many more deaths will it take before the government calls the Home Ministry to account?

Something is very wrong when people continue to die in custody i.e., under state care and control, says Prema Devaraj in a recent article for Aliran.

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Talking of Hee, she made a right decision despite being labelled (allegedly as) no principle and a ‘traitor’. Talking of principle doe LGE have any? Why still co-operate with PAS that want to implement hudud but on the outside keep shouting like a mad CAT


Now is umno’s turn in selangor talk about hudud So now you and yang better migrate or get lost.

Don Anamalai

Interesting to see how MCA will tackle Umno Selangor on their sudden interest in hudud.


You know why this UMNO guys come into the foray. Is it not the problems that is started by Pakatan partner, PAS. Beware, PAS is enticing UMNO if the non Malays desert BN.


I forgot to add in some days ago Astro AEC news reported that a number of Chinese queuing at the gerakan office @ teruk intan claiming money promised to them should they vote Mr Mah???


Whats wrong. DAP LGE immediately after GE 308 gave out 100 popularity gift of RM100 to senior voters citizen.


Cash giveaways per Mah could be the other 30% to be fulfilled later ?
Currently Mah after Parliment swearing will have to start to 70% promises to Teluk Intan rakyat. May be Anil can tabulate those projects Yng patut Dijanjikan & dilaksanakan ?


The venom in us is deadly as it will make us blind and cant even differentiate even a very simple thing. Sad !

Pakatan never tells the rakyat if you vote me I give you 100 rgt.

Whereas BN tells you in every election, if you vote me I give you $$$, new uniform, high way, university, Chinese schools, even sign memo with hindraf … In teruk intan, even land to the Indians !!! bluff the poor Indians !!!

Do not wish to waste my time any further…


And Pakatan DAP will not tell you they are body snatcher or they are boh hood against PAS. LGE must explain why the Penang government body JAIPP took away the body of a Chinese woman during the Chinese funeral. And they also will not tell you that JAIS is a Selangor state body that confiscate the bible, snatch an indian bride. And DAP will also not tell you that they are so afraid of PAS that they have to pass enactment 35 that prohibit non muslim from using Allah and 35 others words. Is DAP afraid of PAS.


Whereas BN tells you in every election, if you vote me I give you $$$, new uniform, high way, university, Chinese schools, well thats good.

But if DAP Pakatan say they will give me this and that, I am very afraid and must be careful because it could come with hudud.


The lock up from the most advance western countries to any least developed or developing country is never a good place to be in. The police In Singapore and Malaysia are quite professional in their work albeit here there are some slackening attitude. From experience I do not think it is so bad as made out to be by the opposition PR with the exception maybe of treatment of some really hardcore criminals. Look at how Surendan criticize the police for shooting death 4 … criminal who has guns. Ask yourself this question. Is Surendan or the police right ???… Read more »


You are writing as though MIC has done a lot to the Indian community.


bowen ; I am writing to tell that despite all the hula hulo by Pakatan & DAP from Kula, Gobind, Manikavasagam, Ramasamy, Surendun, Waytha including the late Tiger, they have done nothing for the Indian.


Yang, you forgotten the High Chaparral merry men shooting from the CAT’s mouth, an opportunist gunho to parade as saint saviour of the Indians. After that, what else is there for another Penang Bollywood?
Btw, bullocks & cows are boh bing chui in Cosmopolitan Penang except in Farlim where CAT seldom goes for a stroll for fear of stepping on cow dungs.


With so many deaths among Indian in lock up, actually what have Surendan, Manikavasagam, Kulasegaran, Ramasamy, Gobind Singh or even the tiger during his life time have done to stop these death beside shouting and jumping up and down. What have the infamous Waytha done during his ministership I am not trying to be racial but did anyone try to find out the reasons why it is always the Indian and not the other races that died in lock up. Look at the proper angle and comprehend carefully especially the attitude of these Indians and you will know why ?????.… Read more »

Awang Selamat Ori

The most dangerous place for Indians in Malaysia is the police lock up! Steer clear of crimes, that is the best advice. You can have MIC, GERAKAN, IPF, Makhal Sakthi, and other rubbishes, but, no one will come to your aid. Perhaps, Surendran, Macnikavasagam, Kulasegaran, Ramasamy, Gobind Singh. Palanaviel, Kalamanathan, Baljit, Sothinathan, they are all too busy and Malaysian Indians problems are their last priorities? More so someone arrested by the police? There is no place for ordinary Indians with UMNObaru/BN? Just who cares as custodial deaths particularly of Indians continues without anyone in the Government bothering. Indians have elected… Read more »


Awang Selamat Ori
May be Ridhuan T can be the savior ???


Just read from kwong Ming daily a Chinese died too in the police custody. With a piece of sari, a kati of rice and 500ml of cap helang cooking oil you can buy over (some people), cheap cheap !!! With the bodoh (people) you just tell them “development” for your area and promise them a cabinet (position for a representative of their ethnic group) these bodoh bodoh will instantly sell their cheap souls to barang naik govt !!! My friend not even a month into retirement she is now selling coffee. Wakes up at 4am and ends at 7pm, 6… Read more »


Promise were made to save these poor guys but how many have the best of DAP & PKR from Surendan, Gobind, Waytha, Ramasamy, Manikavasagam, Kula done to save them. Is that not bodoh enough.

In Penang, Prior to 308, hardworking is enough to buy us a home. After 308 hardworking is just enough to get a pittance of RM100. Frankly speaking, I rather go reverse gear.


remind me of the famous The Eagles’ classic song Hotel California … it goes like this ….you can check in but never check out … PDRM better change the perception of the public now ???


What more proof do you need that the … police force in Malaysia is good for ? Still the IGP and all the top police officers in the state and also i at Bukit Aman (appear to be) doing nothing about the situation, the police force is becoming famous for (custodial deaths) instead of being offered a place of protection that it is supposed to be. (Is) all these … with the consent of the Home Minister(?)


Wake up Malaysia