Another day, another arrest: Nik Nazmi this time


PKR Youth leader Nik Nazmi was arrested at 10.00pm and was released after having his statement recorded at the Jinjang Police Station.

Half a dozen plainclothers police personnel arrived in four unmarked cars at Nik Nazmi’s home in Denai Alam and took him away for investigations under section 143 of the Penal Code.

Section 143 reads: “Whoever is a member of an unlawful assembly, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or with fine or with both.”

Where is all this leading to? Don’t the authorities know that this ongoing crackdown is further tarnishing Malaysia’s image in the eyes of the international community?

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Plenty of time and manpower to investigate opposition members – go and do some real job like investigation those who gave orders to Sirul to commit murder!


Look at Hong Kong last year. It is how the action of these few will affect the people, country and economy. The action of Hong Police is too mild but now those leaders are slowly being taken and charged. We cannot have such type of law breakers. They should be sent to jail.

gk ong

As usual, comic reliefs from Yang.


Unlawful assembly. How does it tarnish the country image if the police is just doing it job in accordance to the law and penal code. We cannot have a country of law breakers

Phua Kai Lit

Efficient use of scarce human resources, 1Malaysia-style.