Another candlelight vigil in Penang tonight


Another Abolish ISA candlelight vigil today in front of Dewan Sri Pinang at 9.00pm. It is organised by Penang-based civil society groups belonging to the Abolish ISA Movement (GMI).

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Mr. Dalbinder/Anil,

Just a suggestion, add an option D) None of the above.
You would be surprise of the results.

Dalbinder Singh Gill

Anil, i got a request, can you conduct a poll..

Pak Lah or Najib as PM

A) Pak Lah
B) Najib
C) Not sure


Thats great. Keep up the pressure on those idiotic, arrogant and stupid …. running the country. It feels good that we still have many peace loving and right minded rakyat around us.
Hope PKR will take over soon before these … brought more shame and disgrace to the country.


ya, penangites and all those on holiday in penang (hari raya hols), do come in full force to the dewan. RPK t-shirts will be on sale. there will also be a petition for media freedom signatures.