Al Jazeera interviews Anwar after acquittal


Al Jazeera has interviewed Anwar Ibrahim after his surprise acquittal.

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There were many relentlessly pursuing ‘witch-hunt’ after Anwar Ibrahim since 1998. Never in the history of Malaysian politics, was a political figure so popular a ‘sexy old fox’ ripe for the hunting for more than a decade. Is that a coincidence of lingering sexo-phobia for the sake of one country against one old man?
It looks like ‘not guilty’ and ‘not proven’ is a game of Russian roulette … in the chambers of justice.
Time for Kopi-O kau kau to discern the lie from the truth in the political old fox hunting of the land of Sodom(-ie) & Gomorrah.

Sergio Rooney

RTM & TV3 News no interview with Anwar as usual.
However, viewers got plenty of Hasan Ali’s outbursts !!!!
This is ketelusan ?


I wonder if this acquittal was aided by the outcome in the Stephen Lawrence case in the UK where many (other, not me) Britons howled about ‘double jeopardy’? Is that a prospect in Malaysia for this case? The way the court presents this to Malaysians will be interesting. I see comments on some news articles from Malaysians who claim to be from Saiful’s ‘community’ claiming that this outcome means that Saiful lied or otherwise positively contributed to the charge being laid against Anwar, and asking for him to be punished for causing disharmony. Is there a distinction in Malaysian law… Read more »


I’m a regular reader, I just don’t feel so qualified to comment since I left Malaysia!


Watch this excellent ‘Selamatkan Malaysia’ video:


This is the best of the best detergent commercials 2012, for effectiveness, mind changing or soul awakening (no need of super expensive pretentious PR) and follow up action comes GE13.
No need for celebrity endorsement, no need to demonstrate testing in slippery cleanliness obsessed laboratory, and we (including housewives) already experienced it in our lives (and in our homes) for more than 5 dirty decades of Kotor.
Time for Bersih in our lives, in our beloved Negara Ku.

Will the 4As accept this low budget commercial entry for the Kancil Award?


BTW, are there Chinese, Indian and Hokkien versions of this commercial?
Let’s go viral.