Adam Adli’s statement upon release (Video)


Adam Adli made the following remarks after his release on bail this morning.

And the scene outside court and a reaction from Pas:

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Alan Newman
25 May 2013 8.15pm

BN / UMNO / sarawak’s PBB. Their strings of corruption, nepotism, cronyism, (alleged) fraud, gerrymandering,… media control, … prosecutions, …can fill a book. Losses ran into hundreds of billions. Enough is enough! We’ve reached the brink! These BN / UMNO … are beyond redemption. We and the whole world are calling retribution on them. This is akin to the onset of PEOPLE POWER …. Just Watch! . Dr Mahathir, Najib, Perkasa and all your cronies, just wait and see the finale! ….you wanna bet? I speak neutrally from a country rated as one of the most transparent and democratic in… Read more »