Adam Adli’s arrest: Lawyer’s update (Videos)


Lawyer Latheefa Koya briefs the media about student activist Adam Adli’s arrest under a sedition investigation. She argues that five days remand is excessive.

Last night, fellow student activists held a vigil outside the Jinjang Police Station where Adam is being held.

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Hats off to your Sir!! You ought to be proud of ADAM. Every word you said shows you are sacrificing your son for the Rakyat.
Shame on those of us who are just being an arm chair critics.
And to the authorities, pls search your conscious and do the right thins

Surendra Kumar

Apa habis?? We got not guts – Adam has . Pure and simple. Adam being a bumi, would have a better future in UMNO if he did the same thing. He knows his future is uncertain when he chose to go down this road. So respect the man who at 24 has more guts and conviction then the rest , twice his age.


Mengapa saya pilih jalan raya? – Adam Adli


Suppress malay is priority number one. The election result can tell us why.

Population (chinese + indian) = 32%
Lets say 80% of chinese+indian voted PR, this was 25.6% of the PR’s 51% votes.

51% – 25.6% = 25.4% (PR’s malay votes)
This means, half of the PR’s votes came from the malays.

The malay vote-bank is still huge for PR to grab and umno has no defense. Just a matter of how fast the erosion is going to be.


Umno cannot accept the fact that malays, especially those living in urban area, are no longer support Umno/BN.

‘Malaysia Spring’ is just an imagination of Umno.


Will someone convey my appreciation to Adam’s father. I respect this man for having such a brave son. I pray all young men will not let Adam’s sacrifice go in vain. Stand by him against this cruel regime.


Sorry, not buying what the PDRM said. Many seditious comments were made by BN and UMNO politicians since May 5, some were very inflammatory. Why did the PDRM stand by and did nothing at all? And yet, look how calm the rakyat have been all this time. In fact the more racist comments are made and more divisive actions are encouraged, THIS TIME it will drive 53% of Malaysians closer and be more united. BN has thrown almost everything at the rakyat, except the kitchen sink, but stupid as stupid does, they will keep doing it. The younger Malaysians, age… Read more »

Gerakan K

Another young people future HABIS because of sore loser actions. Anwar, please accept GE result.

Andrew I

Student Tsunami. Boycott all pencils and rubbers.

Ahmad Sobri

Dude, has your (Team) left you? No one wants to be associated with a dude like you?

How is it to be ridiculed and insulted every day by your political master? Syiok ka? Where is your dignity? Why are you so quiet? Fight back!

A dog barks when irritated, you sing when insulted, just how can GELAKAN convince the rakyat that it can be trusted to govern well?

GELAKAN. truly obsolete! TAK NAK!


Idiot, Its the beginning of the one true self of what is in store for him. To fight corruption, poverty, inequality and fostering of racial reconciliation. Nelson Mandela was repeatedly arrested for seditious activities and, jailed for 27 years until his released 1990 in which he led the ANC to victory and was elected President. Just like many others, even after Anwar, there will be many brave Malaysian who will fight this corrupt racial regime of UMNO to its end.