Adam Adli meets his father (Photo)


The detained student activist meets his father at the Jinjang Police Station in the presence of lawyer Fadiah Nadwa.

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students are not allowed to be involved in politics anyway.look up akta universiti. itu pun tak tau ke?


Ask adam adli or any of you guys go to Singapore and do the same thing…let see what is waiting for u…if u don’t like our system…go and migrate to other country which may offer the best for u….Malaysia will not feel regret of your decision to migrate….at least the others can live in peace without u guys…


Let this be a lesson to all kids……

Study very very hard, get some experience if you can …and get the hell out of this country….you have your whole future in front of you…dont waste it on UMNO country

Young people listen up…pick up English or Mandarin…and get out now ! The country is on the verge of a financial collapse….

Gerakan K

A hot red bean is talking now ~


All this BN government one is for us to be led by them by the nose. If we are not then we got whacked. That is why this country need massive change to change our fortune.


He asked msian to revolt against a democratically appointed gov. What heart wreching?


Adam Adli could very well be another Anwar Ibrahim in the making. I salute this young man’s bravery and courage.


Gerakan K

I told you so. Small kids do not involve in politics. Just study and pass exam then payback your PTPTN.

Now you future is finished. Long and uncertain future waiting for you. So, to other students, take note and learn from this mistake. Be a good boy and make your loved ones happy. Do not be a burden to your parents.

Adam is the indirect victim of sore loser.


This is really sad. All Adam did was to voice out the feelings of many of us who felt outraged at the blatant irregularities in GE13. To me, Adam is a patriot who was cruelly and unfairly remanded. Others who uttered very seditious comments and who committed treason by giving instant ICs to foreigners are left untouched. This is the tragedy facing our country.

Albert Teow

this is the reason the country is in need of a change at least for the better !

najib manaukau

Just said that he is unlucky that he is not a member of the watchdog, simple as that !


Touching, but this is what many in prison go through. The question is, ‘What exactly, is Adam Adli’s crime?’. Freedom of expression is a basic human right. Adam Adli only called for citizens to ‘wake up’ and express their objection to corruption, election gerrymandering and vote rigging. What’s wrong with that? Kerajaan BN ini memang kotor.

Andrew I

A good son, unlike that dirty crack fairy.