Activist Lau Shu Shi acquitted


Activist Lau Shu Shi was acquitted today by a magistrate’s court in Penang.

Shu Shi (centre), flanked by her lawyers and accompanied by activists and supporters - File picture from Facebook campaign

She had been charged for behaving improperly (kelakuan tidak senonoh) at the Patani Road police station a couple of years ago.

Shu Shi had to make almost half a dozen trips to court as she is now working in KL.

The former coordinator of Penang Suaram said one witness did not have adequate evidence to back up the charge while a couple of other witnesses had health issues. A closed circuit television recording could not be used as it was infected with virus, she added.

She was arrested last year while having drinks with fellow activists in a coffee shop near the Jelutong police station, where she had gone to express support for those detained during an anti-ISA candlelight vigil.

Today’s session in court began at 3.30pm but the magistrate acquitted her by 3.40pm, said Shu Shi. “I can’t remember all the details; I am just overjoyed it’s all over.”

The activist was defended by a team of Legal Aid lawyers: V Parthiban, Karen Lai, Sukhindarpal Singh and Ong Chin Wen, who is the Bukit Tengah Adun.

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Give us back our fish
Give us back our fish
25 Jun 2011 7.24am

While all ridiculous dramas are being played out by politicians, the developers are greedily raping our lands and our seas. Doesn’t anybody care? Doesn’t anyone see the unseen destruction in our coastal waters? (Certain developers) are reclaiming lands — causing extinction of our fish population by destroying coastal breeding grounds which takes generations to nurture. Doesn’t any Penagite care that our only source of natural protein are being destroyed everyday? Doesn’t anyone realise that it is the Penang people’s right to have access to this fish? Doesn’t anyone realise that this is a Penang asset that is supposed to sustain… Read more »