Activist held for sticking Bersih 3.0 posters in USM (updated)


Update (3.30pm): Just received word that Hong Kai has been released.

Update (1.30pm): Just received word that Hong Kai could be released on bail at 3.00pm.

Suaram volunteer Tan Hong Kai has become the first person to be detained in connection with Bersih 3.0.

He was caught by a USM guard at 4.15am today for pasting Bersih 3.0 posters on campus. He was brought to the Sungai Nibong Police Station and had his statement taken.

He is being held for ‘pencerobohan’ (criminal trespassing). Since then, he has been taken to the Patani Road Police Station.

Hong Kai, 21, had graduated with a diploma from Han Chiang College three months ago and was waiting to pursue his studies in Taiwan.

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Gopal Raj Kumar

I notice the removal of the link. It is the Gopal Raj Kumar blog that carries that second view.

Andrew I

For all your eloquent verbosity, you are nothing more than a racist hiding behind your own cowardice….


A new irritant in Gopal RK after Gelak K has lost his mojo.

Gopal Raj Kumar
The initials are GRK
GRK = Gerakan?

Andrew I

There are several writers behind one pseudonym. The good cop/bad cop trick. Gherkin’s writing style changes accordingly.

From this guy’s writing, it seems he’s under the illusion that he is the descendant of an illegitimate offspring which resulted from a liason between a local and a British aristocrat during the colonial days.

There are several words that sums this up quite well, but I don’t think Anil will allow it.


It could be GRK’s past life was a water-carrier kuli accidentally caught in the final battle between Ghee Hin & Hai San gangs in Church Street in front of the Baba Nyonya Museum. This could very well or hopefully explain his hatred of Chinese with pig tails who incidentally are not around today!!!
He should sue the colonialist British for not being around that fateful afternoon!!!

Gopal Raj Kumar

The answer to Malaysia’s security caution about these so called civil societies lie in a not too distant past of a bloody Chinese led insurgency:

It would be interesting to read a more diverse opinion of “facts” and to at least read it in context.


How come Ah Long, massage advertiments sticking all around is nt caught. Phone number is available can the authorities do something about this? Putting up posters of Bersih is not that a sore eyes


If they have to buat kerja catching these Ah Longs, they may not get to enjoy weekends cycling in Beach Street.
And these brazen Ah Longs are tough nuts compared to soft & peaceful ones like this activist.


sticking Ah Longs posters at public places not an offence ?

the “authorities” have double standard and different interpretation of “vices” ?

must ask my wakil rakyat during the PRU-13 campaign period.

Gerakan K

Well done, USM guard !!!

What is the issue here ??? USM is not Tan Hong Kai’s house. Criminal trespassing charge is perfectly reasonable. Even, you want to enter any school, you have to ‘register’ with the school guard house first. That also applicable to many areas including gated/serviced apartments, corporate building, etc.

My suggestion for Tan Hong Kai is, if you have plenty of free time, then do something meaningful, for example reading books as you are still a student.

Pala Richie

Thugs assaulted the occupants of dataran get away freely, the guy who paste bersih 3.0 poster get caught.

Would someone pasting 1 M’sia poster get the similar ‘penceroboh’ treatment? Also poster, both aims at better m’sia…

Don’t thank USM guard, thank Umno for this pettiness.

Andrew I

Pettiness, the word I’m looking for. Yeah, same applies to their half boiled cyber troopers. You pay peanuts, you get Gherks.


Detained for sticking poster but not for thuggery and violence by AMMO, Barang Naik and Nacheat people during anti Lynas protest in Penang and disruption of PKR ceramah. We will soon become the worst of worst if we do not take action fast at the next GE


What kind of people fear the GOOD but embrace the EVIL.

No need for pretext of acting in the name of security or civility when in fact all Bersih is asking for is a self-conscience deliberation of the rotten state of our country’s election process.
No need to spread unfound fears of Chinese insurgencies as some with McCarthyism in their waning minds like to fathom Chinese bogeymen & prone to Chinese phobia. Pity little India.


How do you explain BN posters can be pasted on KTM train and stations?

Boo Soon Yew

TQ for the heads up Anil..