‘Tapah 6’ arrested over EO 6 ceramah


Two organisers of a PKR ceramah in Tapah were arrested when they tried to negotiate with police over a ceramah. Police said they had not given a permit for the ceramah and claimed that they had received complaints.

The two were Perak state assembly member for Teja, Chang Lih Kang, and Tan Kah Hing, and they are being investigated under Section 27(3) of the Police Act for allegedly holding a public gathering without a permit. Leaflets and the PA system were also taken away.

Police had moved in while Sungai Siput MP Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj was speaking at the celebration held at a ‘taman’ to mark the release of the PSM 6. With a light strike force unit and a police van on standby, police gave the gathering 15 minutes to disperse.

According to a tweet by Kah Hing, a retired corporate figure based in Perak had earlier donated RM50000 to the PSM.

Lih Kang and Kah Hing were taken to the Tapah District Police Headquarters to have their statements recorded. Outside a small group gathered to chant “Bebas, bebas!” Police came out and arrested four of them – Nagen (PSM), Patrick Vincent (PSM), Appalasamy (DPPPas), and Chua Yee Ling (PKR Ulu Selangor councillor) – for allegedly disturbing the peace.

Jeyakumar lodged a report against the action while lawyer Baldip Singh arrived to assist those arrested.

The six were released on police bail just before midnight after their statements were taken and bail was processed. They will have to report to the station on 19 September 2011.

“These arrests are only going to make the people of Tapah upset,” Jeyakumar said when contacted.

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Totally tedious and retarded misbehavior on the part of the UMNO-contaminated PDRM. Dr M (administration) found it convenient to install … robocops in law enforcement to do his bidding but not to serve the rakyat.

Andrew I

A man who succeeds in stealing another man’s wife will himself be cursed by insecurity.

Off the beat: It’s beginning to look like Grek-can members in Perak are trying to take back their party by being silent. In the UK, this is known as putting someone in Coventry. Here, they’re hoping for Johor…

Meanwhile, some are opting to cover their losses by sounding magnanimous and hinting they might relinquish a much coveted position. This, of course, remains to be seen because old and young can be very subjective terms.

najib manaukau

The more arrests the quarter cooked police make the more resentments towards the present regime it will help to build up.
Therefore just continue to let the deceitful and corrupted Umnoputra’s lackeys to build up the resentiments. They can’t continue to do so for very long, soon the GE will have to be held. Those at the top of the police force know very well that will be the end of their careers and may be even the reasons for their pensions to be taken away…


and nothing happened to the group who burned newspaper in front of the star
welcome to malaysia… 🙁