4-hr wait for body in van outside hospital


The body of Mohamad Johari Abu Bakar who was shot on 13 May had to wait for four hours in a parked van before University Malaya Medical Centre finally accepted it late this evening.

“Complete insensitivity,” said an irate Latheefa Koya over the phone just now. “I am shocked,” the lawyer added of the hospital’s delay in accepting the body for a second post-mortem despite a court order obtained this morning. See Star report here.

The boy’s mother Salmah had filed the application after her son was shot by police behind a budget hotel in Cyber Valley Commercial Centre on 13 May.

The court order was obtained at around 9.00 or 10.00 this morning. The body was released by the Serdang Hospital at around 2.00pm. The van carrying the body arrived at University Hospital at around 3.00pm and the body was finally accepted at 7.00pm.

“I asked the family to take a last look (when the body was finally accepted) and they were very disturbed,” said Latheefa. “The face had ‘melted’ and there was a strong stench.”

She said she had earlier spoken to a top official at the hospital, pointing out the urgency and the fact the family had obtained a court order. But the official responded the hospital had to follow proper procedure.

Meanwhile, the body was left in the unrefridgerated van for four hours.

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42 years ago a lot of people were killed.

Their bodies were never sent to post mortem.

Their bodies were dumped in unmarked mass graves.

42 years ago, May 13, that is.


For me, forgive, yes. For they know not what they did.
But to forget, NO.
Let Him be the judge.

Andrew I

To err is human, to forgive is divine.

I don’t forgive. I leave that to God.


I don’t want to go to eternal hell with them if I can’t forgive.
Not worth the earthly grudge, neither the earthly stress and ending up with hellish 15 feet torturing demons!


We need more Malaysian ‘Pornthip’ for such cases.
Otherwise, expect to see more rotting corpses on waiting list
at GH parking lots.

Business opportunities now at GH parking lot for entrepreneurs
of body fridge.


Pity, if only this corpse could speak…he will definitely give these (people) in the hospital a mouthful!!


Maybe this is new UMNO general hospital SOP after TBH death(?) Let the nature destroy the body so the culprits can get away(?)


There has been a few cases where the body was left to rot before the autopsy could be carried out –

… to help doctors arrive at an inconclusive or misleading finding on the cause of death(?)

Yellow Jacket

agreed; why wait unless someone wants to ensure that the body completely decompose! 4 hr could do the especially when the weather is warm;


The fear of going against the mighty pdrm. Thats what it is. Once the people take charge of this country, that’ll be the first agency that should be … rebuilt.


UM Hospital went to the doggies looooong time ago…..cant even call it a hospital anymore cause…you cant even get there….and even if you did…no parking…

And in this case…even if there is parking….they leave the body to rot….tell me …..which hospital in the world does this ????……UMMC..


Did Serdang Hosp call to inform UMMC that they were sending over a body for a second post-mortem? If Yes, Please get the hospital director to answer. This is not just a matter of the guard blocking the van from going in, but hospital staff allowing the body to deteriorate in an unrefridgerated van, in our sunny weather!! In any case, I doubt UMMC will come out with a different result after Kugan’s case….


If that was a UMNO elite corpse, will the treatment be the same and following proper procedure is a must? I doubt.
Remember the airport incident, how that Junid jerk (allegedly) slapped an airport worker just for bringing a wheel chair late for a member of his family. So Gerakan K, you better pray hard that this will not happen to you in your beautiful beloved Bolehland!