21 arrested at KL May Day gathering


Twenty one people were arrested during a peaceful Workers’ Day gathering in KL. Not the best way for the government to observe this day in honour of ordinary workers.

Among those arrested are Sungai Siput MP Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj and several other top PSM leaders, including its secretary general S Arutchelvan.

Is Big Capital so worried about any public display of workers’ solidarity?

Actually, the government should have just allowed the small gathering to go ahead. Few people would have taken notice. But by arresting 21 people, the authorities have turned the gathering into headline news and highlighted the workers’ demands.

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Where and how do you think all the promotions of the current police personnels come from ? Perkasa can protest outside MCA and no body else is allowed even to assemble.
How long have you lived in the country ? Do I need to spell it out ?


I am happy to see the development of protests and the govt reactions. The people are pushing the scare barrier. Like in the Middle East, the tipping point will come when our youths are no longer scared of the police. The day will come sooner rather later. The more repressive steps the govt take, the sooner the tipping point will be reached. By not allowing the freedom for assembly, this day will come sooner.


Charlie Oscar, get your twisted … brains overhauled!….or, you may fall into the same … hole as Gerakan K. Remember, your parent/s raised an … like you being once worker/s. Respect their rights…..


I like what someone has written to malaysiakini on this matter:

‘When Perkasa protested at the MCA HQ, the police stood by and did nothing. But when workers protested on May Day, the cops came crashing in.’

No wonder most of us has little faith in our Polis.


i just watched the video. Am so angry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See how rough the police were treating the people, took off this youngster’s head scarf just like that. But in Altantuya’s case, the two police guards covered their whole heads throughout the whole trial. By the way, where are they now? Am very worried for that young chinese boy… What is so wrong for the peaceful demonstration??? In the recent Sarawak’s state election, the Chinese have made it clear that they want change. They have woken up finally and will not be fooled and threatened by MCA anymore. I hope the… Read more »

Charlie Oscar

You said, 1st May, “Not the best way for the government to observe this day in honour of ordinary workers.”
Why…eh, the Government declare 1st May is a Public Holiday???
Are You Sure Those Arrested Are ORDINARY Workers???
Why are there so many Children on the Front Lines as well???
Promoting Child Labour???
You know…lah the Purpose of this Demonstration!!!
SS MP and PSM Leaders got Nothing to do on a Public Holiday…mah!!!
Saja Nak Buat Kacau-bilau…lah!!
Pity the Police Personals on Duty on a Public Holiday!!!

Andrew I

With a minimum wage, they might be able to afford a baby sitter for their kids.

Yeah, it’s a shame the police have to waste their time on political expediency, rather than concentrate on lowering the crime rate.


This is 1Malaysia, vote for BN !!! (Many of) the UMNO politicians, MCA politicians & MIC politicians are all very rich and wealthy, travel first class, makan baik, pakai baik but the Rakyat remain poor, struggling for their daily lives with all the barang barang semua naik except gaji, and worst, their right to voice was also taken away from them !!! Swing your votes back to BN la my indian brethren !!! By the way, just heard from the 8TV news that MCA welcomed PAS to join them. Wa ha ha !!! Looks like BN is very desperate now… Read more »

Andrew I

MCA welcomes PAS.

Hold on a minute. What has MCA been saying all this while about DAP cooperating with PAS?

Gherkin K is about to lose his bah kut teh, concert, Genting, toto, let’s see, what else, karaoke, beer and BMW.


Andrew, Well said


Is MCA now opening its membership to Malays?
To Indian … Muslims?
Or is it to seek repentance for all her earthly sins?

If so, Genting Casino days are numbered, MCA gamblers! The same goes for Sports Toto, Da Ma Cai & 4D Magnum.
No other better options in the gambling cards or RU so desperate to give up / gamble away the pleasurable sins of the world?

Desperado, please come to your senses.


Does this Gomen care for DECENT workers rights?
Or is it workers are not allowed (Tak Boleh) to have a say in Boleh Land?
To shout at, to (be rough with) and to simply arrest peaceful gatherers by manhandling them like ruffians is no civilized acts of the polis.

One question:
Why the arrest of 21 people who had workers’ issues to highlight to the nation?

One Note to the law enforcement: Without hardworking workers paying taxes, you get no pay!


Why is the govt. so paranoid about the worker’s day demo?
They should allow it for the workers to express their unhappiness or demand in getting their rights heard.

This is suppose to be a democratic and are free to express ones rights to demo. Why do they can accept others who show pornography and yet not arrested.

This is really ridiculous and stupid!!


Escalating food prices is bringing so much suffering among the lower income group… this is obvious isn’t it? How are people to survive on meager salaries?


Try having fewer children, for a start.
Less mouth to feed, better quality of life.
Spend based on needs, not on wants.
Upgrade skills to get better paying job.
Support the right political party than can change your life.


Workers who sweated and toiled tirelessly for the development of this nation were not allowed even to exercise their rights on their Labour Day to pour out their grievances!…yet, the PDRM allowed 3 law breakers, … datuks to perform their hypocrisy act ….


This govt is anti-workers. Where are the trade unions? Too scared to act?