How not to remove a State Assembly Speaker…




Sometimes words are just superfluous. This is one of those occasions.

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To decent BN supporters,

Will you stand for this?

Is this what you voted for in a BN government?

Can this be the kind of leadership you want for Malaysia?

Will this be the lesson you teach and impart to your children?

BN supporters, will you stand for this?


Bravo Siva, you had the patient and adhered the constitional till you were out of the assembly. This is how everyone should do in order to have the assembly tight. Siva has proven himself as the most powerful speaker in the world.


Who is this ganesan chap ah? Is he not the Malaysian obama who lost to a first timer? how can a non mp, a loser… become a ‘speaker’? if like that, Hee also can become mah. her BM very good.


So, MIC very proud that they have replaced another Indian with MIC men by dragging the poor Indian man out, yes?? Didn’t they wanted more Indians in the top executive positions?? Why replace one to one? Why not leave that Indian man there as Speaker and ask Zambry to give MIC another high level post? Then you have 2 Indians in top position, No??? How to get more places for Indians if you just replace one to one? Stupid! MIC is very, very stupid. UMNO supporters are r… That includes MIC, MCA, Gerakan, PPP and those other r… parties in… Read more »


‘brain drain’ …go ahead ! more opportunities for our kind !


You can have all the opportunities you want when the country has been reduced to another Zimbabwe. How “happy” you’ll be to discover that the whole piece of a tiny cake is nothing compared to a slice of a much bigger cake.


‘brain drain’ …go ahead ! more opportunities for our kind !


I bet a large majority of malaysians have already made up their mind to reject BN in every elections. These malaysians will never ever buy what the BN govt give or do that sounds/looks to true to be good and sincere. instead all the BN actions will be treated with suspicions just like the malay sayings ‘udang disebalik batu’.


The damage is done. Nobody believes in what the government controlled media say. So bad. Whatever brands they use to admonish the PR men is not going to change the people’s mind now. One win will soon lead to many losses.

Khairy is ”unwanted in the present Cabinet for the reason only he knows best. Stop using uncouth words on others. Your own fate is at stake as you are not even popular within your political group. Your political career has almost gone naught.

Mahathir is right here.


I strongly urge the Perak Sultan to dissolve the state assembly and call for a snap election. Perak is now known as ‘Perak darul Sarkas (Circus)’ and malaysia is known as ‘Malaysia ala Rempit’


Physically and forcefully!


BN has ceased to amaze me as to how low they would stoop. Now I simply look forward to seeing how much lower they’ll stoop to retain power.

Rakyat Msia

Malaysia has become a police state… Police can choke hold an assembly speaker and drag him out and you wonder why so many innocent protesters and opposition including Anwar suffer the consequence of POLICE BRUTALITY. They are getting so brazen now even doing it in front of cameras and in the Dewan. This is more and more like Zimbabwe.


A picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is the ICON of the Perak problem. It symbolises the abuse of power and disregard for the constitution. If there is any one picture that tells the story this is it.

Anil. Perhaps you can send this picture to the whole wide world.

johanssm @ Khun Pana

What else that umno and bn hadn’t (done)? The country’s top judges … proven by vk lingam. The Perak “Dewan” fracas… Let us not look too far, let us take a look at the dbkl or your local bandaraya. We have all the laws, by-laws, acts, sub acts, regulations and clauses. dbkl cant even improves anything with all those laws. It is because dbkl disregard the laws. Same thing as in Perak…. Just because of money and greed. We are indeed Zimbabwe but just short of Myanmar. But whats the differences? … Whats the meaning of merdeka if 1Malaysia is… Read more »


RAKYAT’S SLOGAN ” 1MALAYSIA NO TO BN ” to show Najib the truth behind “1Malaysia”

May be he should think of changing his slogan.


Peter Sng

BN is still living in medieval times. Not one Minister knows about the POWER & REACH of the Internet.
With such photos being circulated in the cyberspace thru Youtube,Google Videos, etc it will be seen by millions, if not billions, around the world.
So, FDI’s are definitely going to suffer; which foreign Investors dare to invest here knowing that the laws are such??

Phua Kai Lit

Hi Mr Francis Khaw 11:08 am

After a regime change, many will return!
Lots of patriotic Malaysians overseas.


Just very angry beyond words. Eh, hello, BN why are you so very afraid to go to the rakyaat to let them decide which govt they want? I hold BN responsible for this very sad embarrassing day.I shall remember come the GE and any other bye2 elections

Francis Khaw

Talk to any of your friends, of any age…and you would discover: 1. If they are in their 60s or 70s, their children are all professionals working in Singapore, Australia, US, UK, Europe, NZ. They are doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc. 2. If they are in their 40s or 50s, they are planning to send or already send their children overseas to Singapore, Australia, US, Europe, UK….etc. 3. If they are in their 30s, they are plannning to migrate, and all these are professionals 4. If they are in their 20s, they are studying overseas So, just imagina the brain drain…while… Read more »


Khairy the reject calls PR Assembly men “jungle culture”.
No wonder Najib rejected the B…


I’m really disgusted at what’s happened in the ‘Dewan Yang Mulia’. It seemed that violent had been applied to solve the problem among the honouable members. 1 whole Malaysia has been painted black by this incident and the 1 whole world is kah kah kah. Previously, I used to get letters from the government dept. ending with ‘Your Obedient Servant’ and I strongly believe the mindset now has been change to ‘Your Mean Master’. 1 whole Malaysia seems to change slowly from a respected country to a laughing stock. Correct correct correct, even the judges are seemed to be tainted,… Read more »


Now what next? After all the drama, excitement and everything, BN is still in control, using the MSM to its fullest. Zambry and gang are happily calling everyone “opposition” and “defiance”, and this message is being propagated throughout the nation.

No doubt many who have been following the blogs know otherwise, but what has this changed ultimately? My humble opinion is that unless resistance comes from within BN (or any of its component groups), the powers that-is still control everything. Short of getting support from the royalty, it is like using peashooter to bring down an elephant.


This is the result of removal of the separation of powers doctrine, a disgrace to all civil minded Malaysians.

When all powers are merged, what is the result?

Make your guess