Happy Human Rights Day 2011!


Here’s wishing all of you a Happy Human Rights Day 2011, a day when we celebrate our birthright as free and equal human beings.

Aliran has also issued a special Human Rights Day message.

And this is a clip of youths from four different Arab countries speaking about how they used social media to protect and defend human rights in oppressive situations.

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Asam Garam
Asam Garam
12 Dec 2011 10.07am

Human rights can be observed when Ramasamy & Karpal both openly expresses their stands on “Warlord-Mafia-Godfather” matter.

However, the consequences can be hurtful, right ?

Hot in Penang yet Anil has yet to publish updates on this matter ?

Asam Garam
Asam Garam
12 Dec 2011 10.50am
Reply to  Anil Netto

dwelve deeper into “Warlords-Godfathers”controversy, issues on housing, corruption, environmental degradation will surface, right ?

instead of katak, we now have butterflies (rama-rama) breeding and brewing in Penang ?

Noor Hassan
Noor Hassan
11 Dec 2011 11.48am

Dearest Anil,

I hope you will post this here.

Calling all Penangites! Warning! ..

Thank you very much Anil, have a nice day!!

11 Dec 2011 11.02am

What human rights in Malaysia?

Christmas caroling also must get police permit?…

Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
10 Dec 2011 2.08pm

right day for the rights in malaysia ….