Hadi confirms Pas will remain with Pakatan


Dark clouds hung in the sky this morning, reflecting the mood of the nation, and then it rained … showers of blessing, perhaps?

Anyway, it’s turning out to be not a bad day at all for those yearning for justice and freedom in our land. Anwar released on bail (read his press statement here), Raja Petra freed on bail, and now this…

After all the speculation in the media that the Hadi Awang faction in Pas was getting too close to Umno for comfort, the Pas president has today stressed (menegaskan) that Pas will continue its struggle with Pakatan Rakyat to create a government that is “trustworthy, clean and just”.

This from Hakarah Daily:

Presiden PAS, Dato’ Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang menegaskan bahawa PAS akan terus berjuang bersama Pakatan Rakyat bagi mewujudkan sebuah kerajaan yang amanah, bersih dan adil.

Demikian kenyataan beliau yang dibacakan Timbalannya, Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa dalam sidang media di bangunan parlimen sebentar tadi.

Turut serta ialah, Setiausaha Agung PAS, Dato’ Kamarudin Jaffar; Bendahari PAS, Dr Hatta Ramli, AJK PAS Pusat antaranya, Dr Syed Azman Syed Ahmad; serta Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam, Ir Khalid Samad.

Menurut beliau, PAS menegaskan dalam suasana politik negara yang penuh dengan fitnah dan kegawatan sosial dan ekonomi, PAS akan terus bersama Pakatan Rakyat.

“Amat perlu dijelaskan di sini, bahawa isu ini jangan sesekali diseret bagi digunakan Umno demi menutup dan mengalih perhatian rakyat tentang pergolakan yang sedang parah berlaku dalam parti tersebut,” kata beliau.

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PAS will remain in PR and will work hard to form the next government. MAny UMNO members are now leaving UMNO for PAS and PKR. Pas is always grateful to the people for voting them in in the recent general election. PAS has MBs in 3 states out of this coalition. PAS has socred a success – the biggest success thus far. PAS has proved to the people that Islam brings justice for all – muslim and non-muslim. PAS understands that PR is a coalition against injustice, corruption, cronyism and nepotism. It is not an alliance of religions but ‘philosophy’… Read more »

Liew Cheong

PAS is fair?

It’s true that PAS is fair compared to UMNO. Nevertheless, how do you define fair?

Currently, I really hope Perak, Penang and Selangor will succeed in governing the states. The hope for this country rely upon the success of this states.


Good to know that PAS has gone back to the middle ground. The key to defeating BN/incumbent is to stand firm on the middle ground of Malaysian society so that the fence-sitters and the politically neutral will share PR/PAS/DAP’s common values: ie. that PR is an ethical party that will fight relentlessly against corruption, racism and injustice. PR should never be anti-UMNO but anti-unbridled greed, abuse of power and injustice. Pls remember that DAP is not a socialist, anti-Islamic party but has many key members who are Christians and religious people who share the same values as devout Muslims. Frankly,… Read more »


Umno is a virus. A system been deeply affeted with virus, any anti virus sw can’t fix it !! Virus can be found in every part in the system 🙂 There is no way to restore the system anymore !!

The only option to go is “REBUILD” the system from zero !!

ali imran

Why in the first place Hadi had to think about this subject of leaving PR is ridiculous.
Were there not many lessons learnt already? Or another case of misguided info from his turks?

PAS, please do not tell us that it was Nik Aziz’s reminder about the snake that changed it all.


Congratulation Tuan Guru Hj Hadi Awang. Excellent decision. PR just newly formed not perfect yet. Obviously lot of things need to be ironed out. Give PR a chance. PAS should be proud of themselves as it has 3 MBs already and hope PAS would win more parliment seats especially in Trengganu in next PRU. I salute PAS leaders for their forwards thinking and well organised party machineries. Tuan Guru trust me the rakyat are all behind you.

Harman Amri

Let the politicians do the politicking. Pakatan Rakyat is only three months old. The “teething” problems we have seen so far are only to be expected. The old habits of seeing politics in this country through the lenses of race and religion will take some time and effort to be discarded. But I believe that all the leaders of the parties in the Pakatan are sincere in wanting to make it a success. This is the only formula that can bring this country forward. We cannot fail. The consequences are unthinkable.

Concerned Citizen

Right choice from the PAS. UM-No is not sincere in its relationship with PAS. If they have won big, I’m sure that they don’t even glance at PAS. They thought great leaders of PAS do not learn from the history. Betrayed once, and you lost the goodwill forever.



I agree with Fui Soong that PAS is the real king maker now in Malaysia. They are the most organised, financially independent and talented organisation in the country.

They are fair too!

BN kaki k……. la beb, pls wake up Malaysia. Jangan tido zzzzzz…



To the PAS people out there. In the GE on 8th Mac 08, PAS has gained the most, they have 3 MBs. They have put in great effort and they deserve what they have. However, T\the reality is PAS should move forward to help build a Malaysian race like what has been proposed by Haris in The People’s Parliament Blog. Don’t fall into the trap of rascist stance of the dirtiest political party of Bolehland. It is against the principles of Islam with lots of corrupted ruling elites in the party.They never want to change. Nik Aziz has wisdom. Hope… Read more »


The earlier highlighting in the MSM of supposed rift between the differnt groups in PAS towards Pakatan is another spin by the UMNO led BN who will try any means to cling to power. They cling to power not because they want to help the people but to make sure that they an their cronies can continue to loot the country. They don’t seem to care how they do it as long as the end justify their means. But what they don’t seem to realise is that the rakyat has woken up. One by one the people who care will… Read more »

Some Observation

Kenyataan Media Pasca Penahanan 15 Julai 2008 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA; JULY 17, 2008 On Saturday, 12-07-2008, the police came to my house to serve a Section 111 Criminal Procedure Code notice, harassing my family and demanding my presence at the IPK Kuala Lumpur (Federal Territories Police headquarters) at 2pm on Monday, 14-07-2008 despite an earlier agreement with my lawyers for me to come to the IPK on Monday 14-07-2008. On the next day, Sunday, the police also served an ex-parte court order, prohibiting me from physically being within 5 km from the Parliament on Monday 14-07-2008. As you can see,… Read more »




The radicals in PAS have got to know that the sympathy generated from Anwar’s humiliation both in 1998 and before the elections were the main factors they have won, not because they were loved and that people were yearning for their “ideals”. Talking to AMENO is trading in Anwar’s blood and that shouldn’t arise at any time.

The Yarning

A show of unity amongst the PR after the emergence of worrysome cracks recently. But I reckon the PR’s problem runs much deeper than this, their lack of a proper power structure is most telling, even this long after their landslide win in March. A nation cannot have 2 kings, much less 3.

teenage politik

if it’s really true one day the Pakatan gonna take over Malaysia,i hope they can implement what they’ve promised to their supporters and the publics.we dont want to do another street demonstration over and over again like what happens right now.