Good morning, Tahrir Square!


The spirit of the protesters at Tahrir Square is just amazing. The latest is that striking doctors and 3,000 staff from a key Cairo hospital along with 3,000 lawyers have joined the protests.

A newly appointed Cabinet Minister for Culture has also resigned. According to Aljazeera, “the NDP Secretary General Hossam Badrawi says he expects Mubarak to respond to the demands of the people before Friday. An official statement from the military is imminent”. Is this the end of the road for Mubarak and his regime?

Nice to see tanks being put to good use as shelter for the weary - Photo credit: SherineT

“The great tragedy is Obama chose not to hold out his hand”: Robert Fisk on the gap between US rhetoric and action in the Egyptian uprising

Image credit:
Egyptian police feeding on fast-food chicken - Photo credit: Rania Helmy
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“Cairo bridge is falling down!”…the end of a dictator is inevitable. Who will cry for Hosni Mubarak?…Ketuanan UMNO?


My prayer to the people of Egypt. May they kick that bum out quickly and have things return to normalcy as soon as possible.


I wonder what KFC’s marketing team thinks of *that* product placement?


Tagline ” KFC. Food of the oppressive regime. Never leave the barracks without it.”