Global media: Aljazeera gains ground


Aljazeera has made clear inroads into the traditional Internet domination of the global media giants following its breath-taking coverage and live video streaming of the Arab revolution, which has captured the imagination of the world.

This Alexa graph shows just how much ground it has gained.

Aljazera’s popularity over the Internet rise comes at a time when certain Arab regimes tried to block its Arabic television coverage at the height of the Arab revolution while its English service has struggled to expand its coverage over cable television in the United States in the face of what appears to be a media blackout.

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Lee Guat Har

‘Book of lies’ was released today on the 3rd anninversary of political tsunami.

Bowen Liu

Facebook generation will never read local newspapers.

They are using their smartphones and Ipads to log in to internet news.


We need to tap the exuberant energy of these facebook generation to generate another successful political tsunami.



(A certain columnist) is urging The Sun to boycott Nielsen rating.
what’s your opinion on this?

Latest Nielsen rating shows that the readership of The Star has gone up slightly. I really dispute this.


Interesting that it’s a ‘percen’t graph and 3 of the news giants are rising. I wonder who was losing visitors? What does Fox’s ‘flatline’ mean? Perhaps what’s happening in North Africa / Middle East is of no interest to them.


Just as the First Gulf war catapulted CNN to the limelight and made war a real time experience, the Middle East revolutions is shooting Al Jeezera to international limelight. Al Jeezera is bringing revolution real time to our television.

The interesting thing is that Aljeezera is the vision of the Sheikh of Qatar. It gives him formidable power in the information war.

Gerakan K

No news agency is neutral. There are always unlimited hidden agenda. for example is PR pr tool. Anti-BN too. Almost no positive report for BN in my years of observation. Is that BN is very bad ???


I think with higher internet penetration rate and lower cost to own smartphones, very soon all of us (especially the youngs) will get instant news/analysis from foreign news agency instead of the BN-controlled mainstream media.

In other words, the mainstream media (including Astro Awani that is so one-sided in its analysis and reporting) better be impartial as they have alredy lost their credibility.


How on earth Anil can turn a bad news to a good news like the Utusan and the Star?


Well said.

utusan, nst and star can really spin to suit the agenda of bn.
However, the internet-savvy new generation will not be fooled easily, and they have also advised their elders not to believe fully those good news presented by msm.

Save your money and do not buy local newspapers except The Sun and The Oriental. Use your money to pay for internet subscription to read blogs (like anilnetto) and t foreign news portal for a more correct view of the current world.

Jalil Din

I have a friend who cannot face reality and daily seeks solace in the ‘good news’ from NST.

The real therapy is to face the truth and reject the addiction to ‘good news’ that are actually twisted tales.

Reading from internet is a good way for us to get balanced views. We can make the final judgement (kesimpulan) ourselves…



Please note that unlike RTM or TV3, we are paying for your program.

So, please provide a fair and impartial coverage and analysis in you Astro Awani programs. For a start, I am quite sick of the same old invited panelists (including those so-called professors) who can talk but only in one dimension i.e. pro-BN and attack the opposition. When you talk about non-Malay issues, please include non-malays in your discussion.


If you are living in Southern Johor, I suggest you watch MediaCorp’s Channel News Asia – the news coverage is more impartial, it has better analysis on Asian matters and allows you to see the Malaysian issues from a perspective different from Malaysian mainstream media.

Do not count on Astro Awani as it is becoming a mouthpiece of BN…. losing its credibility…


Try this, surely better than Awani:


Yes. This is good.
I learnt about it from Zorro Bernard.