From “Malaysia Boleh!” to “Tak Boleh!”


Scenes from around Wisma DAP, Ipoh this morning – Photos by Kinta Kid

So what’s all this about? Arrest and release, arrest and release….

Increasingly, it appears as if all these arrests – over 160 in recent weeks – are aimed at frustrating civil society and opposition activists and their attempts to legitimately raise public awareness especially over the power grab in Perak. By no stretch of the imagination can those arrested be deemed a threat to security.

And since when has fasting become an offence? (Add this to the lengthening list of don’ts and tak bolehs we now have.) That’s the question posed by Aliran president P Ramakrishnan:

Aliran is terribly perturbed by the increasing role the police are assuming which is perceived to be undemocratic and very unfair. They have intervened whenever peaceful activities such as candlelight vigils are organised by civil society groups.

These activities have not threatened the security of the nation neither have they caused any traffic congestion. And yet, participants have been dispersed and arrested in a regrettable manner, causing pain and anguish for concerned citizens who mean well for this nation. Full statement here.

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The police and govt. must understand they are fighting the spirit of the people. We want change of govt.If they cannot change we will change them.


I have been to Myanmar, Malaysia is better than Myanmar. Here if you gather togather n sit under a tree without doing anything even eating n try to be like Gandhi , you will get arrested. A women once said “I would like to be called the citizen of the WORLD” after the suffering inflicted to her by her goverrment. Once was ask where Im from in Europe and I answer “I’m the citizen of this world” , to my suprise that person understand why n made some comment about our governen,t politics n police especially. I must say that… Read more »


Oh Dear all

malaysia crime rate is set to raise

1. light candle= crime
2. sing negaraku= crime
3. sing birthday= crime
4. wear black= crime
5. puasa= crime
6. more than 4 people= crime

oh dear economic down 1%



And they say there are “not” enough policeman to catch culprits……!!!!!

What say you…???????????????????????????????????????????????


Use the judiaciary on one side and use the police on the other side…


…the police force…. they arnt doing any good to the nation. rapists murderes robbers and snatch theifs are all about running amok in the country and these guys dont dare go after them so instead they go after people who hold candles and wear black.

… their not doing their job anyway…its not like crime will skyrocket without them – its skyrocketing with them!


Pak Haji, berdosa tahu? and please bertaubat before it is too late.

anna brella

People like you help make good things happen and help make bad/evil things end. It is exactly ordinary people like you, who even though you may be afraid somehow still manage to overcome that fear enough to take those bad bulls by the horns for the right reasons and risk facing loss and/or private and public censure, who make all good change possible in this world in the end. So please make it a bloody-minded point of honour to keep ignoring any and all uncharitable comments thrown at you from all manner of ringside commentators, bystanders and/or fencesitters. History proves… Read more »


Crime rate is reaching the alarming stage. Believe it or not, Or You ask for it ?


Light candle = crime
Sing Negaraku = crime
Wear black = crime
Puasa = crime

Tomorrow, eating rice is crime?


polis malaya … tak ada kerja…


When a nonviolent act that couldn’t even hurt a fly is being brutally prohibited something is terribly wrong with this country.

When we have an “MB” who claims to be an apostle of non-violence and yet allows this act of brutality to happen, this is a foretaste down the road to Zimbabwe.


The whole drama under the democratic tree in perak was actually unfolded by the “Nga and Ngo or maybe the Nge Syndrome”. Poor fellows sivakumar and nizar are only the followers. The 3 frogs are smart ones atleast for the moment.

All these candle light vigil and hunger strikes….are becoming very fashinable nowadayss because they were the inventions by the great malaysian indians.

So the police are busy now.


i think when PR plan for this, what they worried is BN/UMNO don’t send their … out to hunt…. 😀 😀

Leong Yook Kong

These “head hunters” have nothing better to do. They will create a tense situation and thereby instill fears into the people’s mind. Now, the people are more educated and know and understand very well their rights.

The more they bully the people, the more the people will retaliate. Hopefully, the Federal Government can put a stop to such nonsense. Najib, you have less than 2 years to get back the people to your side. Failing which, the Federal Government will be in Pakatan Rakyat’s (and the People Power’s) hands.


To Pak Haji Eussoff!! … Umno is doomed.


please lar.. this is the most great idea. dun just sit there n write nonsence. if all those legal way cant get Pakatan Rakyat back to government then this is the most effective way. at least other countries can see how a good government lead by Pakatan Rakyat can ‘lost’ juz becoz of the act of ‘3 frog’. those who always know how to complain just ‘shut up!. Bcoz those been arrest is not u but those we should salute. If u can give a good idea then u shld get a ‘compliment’ otherwise dun COMPLAIN so much!!

Pak Ya

Pak Haji,
If you so smart,you lead lah.
Pak Yah

Cee Kay

Pak haji, its such a stupid statement u hv made.Btw r u one of the one benefiting from present govnt? Y has all this happened? Its b cos of kinds of ppl like u.Who can’t differentiate the truth from lies, our rights from oppression,the law of our land from umno/bn law. Its so disappointing that we still have such type of malaysian around God bless u. I forgive u for u know Nuts what u r talking OMG!


Anil what about the mpsp enforcment goons bringing down pr flags because they were in front of a umno building.About time the CM OF PENANG SHOWS WHO IS THE BOSS OR WILL IT BE SAYA BUAT SILAP BUKAN SALAH SYNDROME.

telur dua

Myanmar must be very worried. They are finally facing stiff competition from the Land of Boleh.


If one does proper survey, among all the raising Asian countries…malaysian citizens are more fearful on the streets. this fear is really hurting country`s progress. to certain extent MCA ,MIC and GERAKAN are responcible for tis situation. FEAR KILLS CREATIVE MINDS OF YOUTH……IT IS REALLY PITY EVEN AFTER 51 YRS AFTER INDEPENDENCE PPL HAVE TO LIVE IN THIS KIND OF FEARFUL ATMOSPHERE.

Pak Haji Eussoff


Pakatan Rakyat is DOOMED. They are running out of SMART IDEAS & can only resort to stupid gatherings, vigils & street protests to show their frustrations.


Again I stressed….why do u need a large group & hundreds of cops & FRU to arrest small crowd of CIVILIANS.

Whereaes they only assign few cops to handle real hard core Criminal.

They are no threat to Nation but obviously a BIG threat to UMNO/BN. Sign to show…the cops are GUARDS to UMNO & Goons.

Sam Yap

I wish to ask just a few questions: Why hold the event at DAP’s office? (just because its near the State Secretariat? So what?) Why not hold it at PAS’s office? (More reason to hold it there, Nizar, the MB, is from PAS) How would the fence sitting Malay voters see this action? What has this achieved, some publicity? shame on the BN & PDRM? Work up the rakyat’s anger? (its not as if we are not … angry already with the BN & PDRM ) Has anyone told the DAP reps that for a hunger strike to be really… Read more »