Fright for BN as Budget passed by 66-63 votes


It was fright night for the BN as the national Budget reportedly was passed by a wafer-thin 66-63 majority in Parliament last night.

That’s 48 per cent attendance for the BN MPs and a 77 per cent turnout for the Pakatan reps. If half a dozen more Pakatan MPs had been there and they had defeated the BN in the vote, it would have sent shock-waves across the country. A missed opportunity if ever there was one.

Najib and Ong Tee Keat reportedly had to rush to Parliament to vote – and this was for their “1Malaysia Prosperity for All” national Budget.

Malaysian Insider has the story here.

It just goes to show how much importance these missing MPs place in Parliament when they can be absent during such a crucial debate and vote. And did those who turned up at the last minute  – without participating in the debates – really understand what they were voting for?

If they can’t be there to debate and vote on the national Budget, then why exactly are they MPs?

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Quite amazing that the PM himself and a key minister were not even there to see the PM’s budget through. Looks like a parent who would neglect his new born child until hospital authorities tell him that complications have developed. As usual, the BN always takes its successes for granted. The Pakatan, on the other hand, appears to prefer the “nearly got” habit and seems content to miss good opportunities. Is this as far as the Pakatan goes? If they ever attain the leadership of the country, will the Pakatan ride on the backs of its backbenchers just like the… Read more »


Here is a brief summary of those MIA from Penang: Gobind Singh Deo did not attend the voting session in the Dewan Rakyat, but he has been barred from entering the Dewan Rakyat, so his absence can be excuse. But what about the rest? 5 of them are from DAP and 1 is from PKR. Of all 5 DAP parliamentarians from Penang, NONE of them attend the session in the Dewan Rakyat. PKR fares better. Only one of them awol. Here are the 6 … who have to answer to their missing-in-action in the Parliament: Lim Guan Eng Jeff Ooi… Read more »


Here is the list of the shameful 21 !

1)回教党华玲区国会议员泰益阿占慕丁(Taib Azamudden Md Taib)
2)回教党波各先那区国会议员马夫兹(Mahfuz Omar)
3)巴西马独立议员依布拉欣阿里(Ibrahim Ali)
5)行动党峇都交湾拉玛沙米(P. Ramasamy)
6)公正党峇央峇鲁区国会议员再林(Zahrain Mohamed Hashim)
7)行动党武吉牛汝莪区国会议员卡巴星(Karpal Singh)
10)公正党峇眼色海区国会议员慕辛法兹利(Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri)
11)回教党巴里文打区国会议员慕加希(Mujahid Yusof Rawa)
12)沙巴进步党昔邦加区国会议员依力马贞文(Enchin Majimbun @ Eric)
14)公正党鹅唛区国会议员阿兹敏阿里(Mohamed Azmin Ali)
15)回教党乌鲁冷岳区国会议员仄罗斯利(Che Rosli Che Mat)
16)公正党加埔区国会议员马尼卡瓦沙甘(Manikavasagam Sundaram)
17)行动党蒲种区国会议员哥宾星(Gobind Singh Deo)
18)公正党乌鲁雪兰莪区国会议员再纳阿比丁(Zainal Abidin Ahmad)
19)公正党敦拉萨镇区国会议员卡立依布拉欣(Abd Khalid Ibrahim)
20)公正党班底谷区国会议员努鲁依莎(Nurul Izzah Anwar)

7 of them are from Penang.

1 of them was barred from entering the Dewan Rakyat, that leave 6.

We do not need any more lousy excuse from these 6…!

We voted them in and they lepak!


PR MP’s must be busy with some festival function’s like open house and so, all around malaysia. for me it’s just like a classroom. if the teacher don’t take care n don’t give a damn on student performance than why should the pupil care on attendance….

so we’re having wrong teacher as well, i mean dsai.

also we demand a strong kpi and report book base on certain criteria on all PR’s MPs and MLAs to be published. this will determine if their face will appear in next GE election poster….


I like how some people at Teresa Kok’s FB can say it was ok for her to be at the party. Its forgivable, tons of excuses made for her. Not bad huh?


So Lim Guan Eng is in the US.

Might we ask on what bizness? The Electronics industry giants in Penang had already affirmed their positions.

Cuti-cuti US kah?

What about Nur Izzaah? Kids and family obligations?

Was Deo on the TBH case? And is his old man indisposed for health reasons?

We do know Teresa Kok was living it up in the Palace.

Lam Seow

Why impossible , ahh?

BN and PR cheated the rakyat? Why not pay some PR people not to attend?

Can always cheat rakyat, one lar!

sam lee

We have tried so hard to embrass and kickout the BN but alas our own PR MPs were missing. They are a disgrace. they are not accountable to the rakyaat who voted them. Attending parties/hal prebadi/sleeping at home/and the like is no excuse. This was a God sent opportunity for us to have fresh elections and our own PR MPs were missing.We voted them in & they get their pay and allowances and perks and this is the gratitude the give back to us. Shame on each one of you PR reps. I am beginning to lose my hope and… Read more »


Gerakan K … stop being an idiot can or not? You know why LGE was in US, was a working trip meeting business people in the US. If you do not know then you are a political wannabe only … Gerakan people know LGE was in US working.

If you wanna slam Teresa Kok then fine … but let’s be fair or not talk when you know nothing.


Actually Teresa, via her blog, did say Tuanku Sultan Selangor gave his consent for her to leave after overhearing her conversation with Tan Sri Khalid (S’gor MB). And she did get up to go. But alas, it was too late and the votes were tallied.

If any of us wants to have a go at her for this, then we might as well get it over with. Otherwise, let’s move on.

Gerakan K

Parliament duty more important than anything else? To be able to attend Parliament session is the basic duty that MP must do. Failure to do so is betrayal to people who voted him. No excuse for this mistake.

Gerakan K

Is that LGE enjoying his holiday in US and Teresa Kok also enjoying birthday party? It is their standard, earn fat salary and enjoy. How about working?


What “rude” Teresa Kok? I am sure if you excused yourself, the Sultan will understand you have important job, and a duty to attend Parliament.

Your excuse is so lame and unacceptable to rakyat who vote you in to office!

Irresponsible, very much so Teresa Kok! Which is more important – Sultan’s party or Parliament?

I don’t believe you were so incapable of directing someone, a State Elected Rep to take over your duties?


Well we can say that LGE was in US but Teresa Kok today stated that she was at the Sultan of Selangor’s birthday party and cannot leave as it would be rude!

… she was elected as MP to attend to the Sultan and not Parliament?


Dowwn with PR


Dun blame others. If you are the best, stand in as an independent candidate. Otherwise, we just have to respect them. As I said, the voting was called thrice and eventually passed with 66-63. Read from here: KUALA LUMPUR: Cubaan pembangkang menggagalkan Bajet 2010 daripada diluluskan Parlimen malam kelmarin diketahui lebih awal Barisan Nasional (BN), kata Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz. Katanya, beliau memberitahu Ahli Parlimen BN sentiasa berada di Dewan Rakyat ketika persidangan berikutan pembangkang akan menggunakan proses undian belah bahagian untuk menggagalkan Bajet 2010. Beliau berkata demikian di lobi Parlimen ketika mengulas bacaan kali… Read more »

people power

Actually Anil, it should be titled, the fright for the public as something as important as this bypasses the five Penang opposition delegates for their non attendance after all the noise that they made on GST. Another story, another day with juiceful excuses to hoodwink the public. Aaah!!!, very frustrating as the public is always the hooker for the their own political needs whether it is BN / PR. At least with BN you know what is coming but with PR, you will never know except for our own public indulgence to excuse them. Seriously we need a 3rd force… Read more »

Gerakan K

Previously PR = unknown angel

But after some months into governing, we can see that PR is not angel anymore. Now PR = BN with lower standard


Get real! You (all) know fully well that most of PR-MP’s came had their roots from BN, therefore its natural for them to ‘lepak’ and have ‘bolehland’ attitude. But is that a reason for revert back to BN. Those who think so YOU’RE AN …!! We can criticise the MP’s for not attending the vote – even chastise them for their absence but not reward BN with a vote. Grow Up!!!


Name those absentees and publish them. I want to know if he/she is from my constituency and he/she will get my vote. Vote of no-confidence lah….


From Penang you have (several prominent Pakatan MPs missing). From KL, you have (a couple more, including) this one no count because suspended).

This is like the DNA Bill … same thing again. PR BOLEH!!!


dont election, pakatan rakyat will loose terribly …ni satu sumpah!


Yes. Name MPs who are frequently absent from Parliament sittings, from both sides.
In particular,Pakatan MPs should not be absent at all. You are not there yet.You better earn that respect.

puzzled 2

A little boy goes to BN ADUN and asks, “What is BN politics?” The BN Adun says, “Well son, let me try to explain BN politics this way: I’m the breadwinner of the family, so lets call me capitalism. Your Mom, she’s the administrator of the money, so we’ll call her the Government. We are here to take care of your needs, so we will call you the people. The ketua kerani di firma UMNO, Idah, we will consider her the Working Class since she works in my office for me. And your baby brother, we will call him the… Read more »

Given up

I was living on a glimmer of hope and it’s all darkness now. Pakatan MPs, please come out and own up…otherwise, please just jump ship to BN since that is exactly what your inaction is representing! Disgusting x 10!!!!!!!!

true malaysians

name those PR MPs… kicked them out in the next GE..


I believe some maybe on purpose for the sake of boycotting. The BN MP will not go against the PM’s 2010 budget. But the PR PMs will be under fire for the absence.

Anyway, the pass or does not pass the budget is not so important as the voting process can be carried out again and many times. I believe eventually, it will be passed.


What is more important than Parliament sitting? Let the truth be out, where were those missing PR MPs? They better give us good reasons for not attending Parliament.