Freedom Run pictures; Paula’s harrowing experience


Running towards freedom from the ISA

Reaching Tengku Kelana Pictures courtesy of a blog-reader

These are images of the ongoing two-day 350km Freedom Run from Klang to Kamunting, which began yesterday and ends this evening.

Meanwhile, Paula Khoo, blogger and emcee for last night’s Abolish ISA vigil in Penang, was released at 1.10am from the Patani Road police station. She will have to report back to police on 28 Nov to find out if she is going to be charged. Blogger Lucia Lai has the update on Paula’s release here.

Read Paula’s account below of her harrowing experience in police custody:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Harrowing Experience Indeed

Tonight, I had a brief taste of what it is like to be questioned, to wonder if I would ever see my family again, to wonder if I would lose all that I had built in my life.

Not a very nice taste.

And I wondered what sort of life I would have in the future and if it would all change because of tonight.

I am still wondering…

I am still in a state of shock by what happened tonight, the long hours at the police station and the fear of the unknown.

The fear is still there. Do not judge me for that admission, please. I am only human and it is no joke to be ALONE, to be the one and only ‘selected’ ONE, to know that I face a barrage of questions by myself and that whatever I said would have a bearing on my future and perhaps even that of others. Please empathize with me. I do no pretend to be a heroine because I am not. A plain simple woman with a passion for what I believe in, that’s who I am. It is easy for people to say have no fear but when in such a situation, I wonder and worry for my little boy and my family.

What does November 28th hold in store for me?

Will it change my life forever? Full post here.

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These police … are at it again. This time arresting a peaceful organiser Paula. Another numerous scenarios of our so called law enforcement… under the instructions of their racialistic, arrogant and greedy masters in BN. Thousands of criminals, murderers, rapists etc.. out there having their field day and they have no time or interested to arrest. What a great bunch of law enforcers. Hope that Paula has the determination and courage to withstand this grave injustice by our country Bolehland who is a party to The Univesal Declaration of Human Rights. What a shame and disgrace to the country. The… Read more »

Sniffer (Yin)

I’m not the brave one. But, i know those who were detained under ISA are brave & they r helping people like us to Voice Up the UNFAIR & UNREASONABLE things that happen around us everyday. Think about those detainee life…Their life after being arrested. Theirs family, income, future… At the end of the day, they were (ISA detainee) suffering…They sacrifice a lot. WE myself & everyone should sympathy to them. WE just doing the small portion… Like helping blind people to cross the road. Myself always ask question Why & How to solve. Lets Malaysian feel Malaysia is a… Read more »


Paula, you are a very brave person. Your shock is understandable, most of us who have never had that experience are sure to react that way. Yet, remember that a sacrifice never goes wasted. Sam Goh is right, you will never walk this hard road alone, whatever the circumstances. Know also that you do what you do because you believe in justice. Welcome to the society that holds the same principle.
Don’t give up.


No thanks to the 51% of malaysians who voted for BN on 8th March,2008. Just because of those people, we suffer astronomical price hikes, economic hardships, arbitary arrests, and the abuse of law


Good! People are beginning to realize the police exists not to serve & protect the rakyat… but the power & privileges of the corporatocracy! Your enemy is NOT the police, but those who define their terms of operation.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Light your candle within your heart
From where it will never ever depart
Burning bright right from the start
Free from the control of any upstart

(C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 161108
Sun. 16th Nov. 2008.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


When you live life with real passion
You’ll get your share of compassion
Without any room for any depression
You’ll be able to rise above any occasion

(c)Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 171108
Mon. 17th Nov. 2008.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


When you do what you honestly think is right
Then let there be no fear at all or any fright
It’s natural to wonder about your future bright
Yet you’ll never be alone once you’re in public sight

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 171108
Mon. 17th Nov. 2008.


…Police just known how to arrest unarmed people, how about rapist, snatcher, mat rempit?….

Lately, Policemen helpless with mat rempit infestation though just in front of them……