Emergency rule would take us a step closer to fascism


We seem to be heading towards dark times, folks. But don’t lose heart. We must uphold parliamentary democracy in Malaysia. Say it loud and clear.

Aliran has just released this statement. Have a look:

Aliran is alarmed by the cabinet’s reported decision to seek a state of emergency.

Many believe the move is more to protect the position of the prime minister and his government rather than to combat the pandemic.

Muhyiddin Yassin is obviously not confident his Budget will be approved in Parliament, which would lead to the collapse of his government. But fear of losing a de facto motion of no-confidence is no grounds for the declaration of an emergency.

The hasty decision to push for an emergency only reinforces the feeling that the Perikatan Nasional government lacks the numbers in Parliament now. It is widely being seen as a measure to hinder Anwar Ibrahim’s bid for power and to stop political moves from blocking Muhyiddin’s Budget. Full statement here

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Phua Kai Lit

Recent events in Bolivia should be heartening for us in Malaysia. Its right-wing coup failed through People Power at the recent polls.
Our right-wing coup was in March 2020. This is an attempt at a coup within a coup.

Milk Tea

Abah is shaking. This government and the previous one are both incapable. I guess we have PH to thank for all this turmoil as they can’t even cooperate among themselves when they have power. UMNO should wait for next election (they have a strong chance with PAS)but they too busy to clear off the crimes of their tainted and corrupted figures. Looks like PKR is leaving DAP…You can literally see how useless and spineless DAP are as a party, 42 seats (largest in parliament) not taking lead, no ones wants to work with them. If MCA and MIC has that… Read more »


DAP has been demonised to become Malay bogeyman since May 13. MCA and Gerakan let it be que sera sera while they were in BN so many decades si as to deepen their own pocket at the expense of fairness to all poor communities regardkess of colour and culture.
At this moment it is the infightings among Malay Warlords so it is only wise for DAP yo sit back and enjoy the show and get involved once parliment dissolved by Agong.

Milk Tea

DAP themselves gained as much as from the dumb rhetoric of UMNO. Their boogeyman status have made them gained popularity amongst the minorities eventually succeeding the likes of MCA, MIC and Gerakan. DAP and UMNO are like brothers, they need each other for survival. DAP (anti-Malay and Islam) & UMNO (corrupt and racist), how sweet. But what is the reaction of DAP and UMNO? DAP preached more inclusiveness while alienating their base whereas UMNO can happily play the rhetoric whenever they feel like. So who is winning?

Tag Lasso

Ex-AG Tommy Thomas wrote:

“Covid-19 has been with us since January. When it suits this government, it has boasted about how well they combated and contained the spread of Covid-19. And they have objective grounds to make this claim, having regard to the performance of other countries. Hence, on a relative and comparative scale, Malaysia has handled Covid-19 well. But the same government cannot then claim that overnight, Covid-19 has became so ‘threatening’ that we have a ‘grave emergency’. However, terrible Covid-19 is in Sabah, it does not warrant the declaration of a national emergency.”


go to pas hq in kota bharu and tell them not to use race and religion to shriek other races are controlling. we are all malaysians and creation by god

Milk Tea

“We are all Malaysians and created by god” is the most naive and childish thinking. Why are you so sensitive when I trash DAP down the drain? I couldn’t care less what UMNO and PAS does, I don’t elect them and they are not part of my constituency. Malaysia are literally founded on inequality and differences, the Malays ultimately decides who they want for their country. Let me break it to you, whether it is PN or PH, the government of M’sia will always be a pro-Malay government. Me and you don’t hold any voices in M’sia politics and you… Read more »


Who is naive? You want to immigrate to KB to support the gomen there. Go and trash DAP is up to you which affect your heart and life. Also it is Cyberbully on one who does not have the upmost power. Bully a boy and not a man like UMNO and PAS.

Pree Ha Tin

MAS is in deep financial problem, yet it could not emulate SIA to serve food on grounded planes to generate income and keep its staff employed?


This an opportunity for some of you to reconsider this whole pandemic affair. That includes (a) the disease and the “virus” (b) the validity of the test, the treatments, and the social and economic restrictions (c) the impact of the restrictions, and your options (d) how politics and science itself has been conducted. You will have to search far and wide for the info.

Tag Lasso

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 — Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah today warned that some overworked medical frontliners battling the Covid-19 outbreak are now prepared to throw in their towels.


Frontline heroes could possibly be disheartened by the cowardice of Abah’s cabinet seeking emergency to be absent from the parliament?