Mainstream media poised to turn into BN propaganda channels


It has already started. I mean, the propaganda over the mainstream media. This time we can expect it to be worse, given that the Barisan Nasional is going to face stiff contests in many areas.

So what are we to do? It does get sickening as polling day approaches when whatever remaining journalistic ethics are thrown out of the window. The mainstream media, on the whole, are then transformed into full-blown propaganda organs of the ruling coalition. Corporate propaganda is also likely to make its presence felt as certain large firms all but openly endorse the ruling coalition through not-too-subtle advertisements.

MEDIA-MALAYSIA: Call To Boycott Newspapers For Biased Reporting
By Anil Netto

PENANG, Jan 31 (IPS) – Fed up with what they see as biased and distorted reporting, a group of concerned Malaysians has launched a campaign urging the public to boycott newspapers ahead of a general election widely expected in March.

The mainstream print media are largely controlled by ruling coalition parties or business interests close to them. Though already pro-establishment in their reporting, they usually turn into full-blown propaganda tools of the ruling coalition in the days leading up to a general election, say critics.

The call for a ”Paper-less Tuesday” — calling on the public to abstain from newspapers on Tuesdays, for a start — was launched on Monday by a working committee under the ‘People’s Parliament’ initiative.

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